Muttaburrasaurus langdoni (?) (S/F)

The “Muttaburra reptile” was discovered in 1963 in Muttaburra, Queensland, Australia by Doug Langdon and described by Ralph E. Molnar and Alan Bartholomai in 1981. Muttaburrasaurus lived during the Early Cretaceous Period about 112 to 99 million years ago. It was 9 meters (29.5ft) in length, 2.2 meters (7.5ft) and 2 tons in weight. Muttaburrasaurus can be found on Isla Sorna. Muttaburrasaurus lived during the Albian age of the Cretaceous period. It was found in the Mackunda Formation in Queensland, Australia. From the skull, there are two large openings, which may have been large nasal pouches that produce low bellowing noises during mating season. However, this is pure speculation and no soft tissues survived; it may be just been a large nasal opening with no pouches.

This species is in question since Muttaburrasaurus only appears on a Field Guide trading card in the Jurassic Park 3 set of trading cards, card #68. The two JP3 trading cards made by InkWorks featuring Muttaburrasaurus and Maiasaura are the only evidence for these animals.