Agusta A109A Helicopter (S/F)

Originally designed as a light transport helicopter, its uses expanded to passenger helicopter and is also used for Search and Rescue and Life Flight.  Being able to hold up to eight people, its large interior made it one of the more comfortable of styles.

The helicopter used in “Jurassic Park” was registered number N293G with the FAA.  A quick google search of the registration number reveals that the aircraft was involved in a crash on March 22, 2001 in Hawaii during a training test.  Fortunately, neither of the two crew members were injured.

John Hammond used this helicopter as a means to transport the group of scientists to look at Jurassic Park.  The pilot would take the visitors to a landing pad at the base of a waterfall where they would then be taken by Gas Powered Jeeps either to see some living dinosaurs or directly to the Visitor’s Center1111111rq4