Ajay Sidhu (JN)

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Roland Tembo’s friend from East India and lifelong hunting companion. Ajay is the one who convinced Roland to let himself be hired by Peter Ludlow, and tagged along on the expedition as well. A quiet man, Ajay kept mostly to himself, and usually only said anything to Roland. He was with him during his first attempt to hunt the male Tyrannosaurus rex, and later when Roland returned after searching for the missing Dieter Stark, Ajay sat up waiting for him and came immedietly with a canteen of water for his exhausted friend.

When the Tyrannosaurs attacked the camp, Ajay tried to stay with Roland, but two other hunters who must’ve thought he was crazy grabbed him and dragged him along for what they thought was his own good. After outrunning the female Rex, the group ran into a field of tall grass. Ajay knew tall grass was where predators lurked, but the other hunters were too panicked to listen to him. He followed, trying to stop them. Sadly, he only got himself killed when, as he’d predicted, a pack of Velociraptors attacked the group.