Alan Grant Costume Guide

Alan Grant, the classic paleontologist character of Jurassic Park. So many couples love dressing up as him and Dr. Ellie Sattler. These costumes were originally gathered by 501st member and former JPLegacy props and costumes administrator Keith Olsen. He originally set up so many of these old costume guides that have helped so many fans cosplay as their favorite characters. I’d also like to give a special shout out to Paul Elder, for his perseverance in gathering so many of the original items used just like the items in the movie to build his costume!

The original hat was a palm leaf straw hat with 3 inch brim made by Baron Hats in Hollywood, USA, however there are many acceptable substitutes. Two popular substitutes are the Sunbody and the Scala Panama. Pictured here is my own Scala Panama with a custom horsehair braid.

Original screen used hat:

Scala Panama replica:

Gold rimmed aviators by Ray-Ban. Green tint lenses. Cheap alternatives (although NON-polarized) can be found at most places that carry sunglasses.

Cheap alternative:

Pretty much any red bandana will do.

-Also note the plain white undershirt in this photograph. Pretty much any plain white undershirt will do.


Pretty much any plain brown belt will do.

Long sleeved denim Polo shirt by Ralph Lauren,

Khaki Polo Chinos by Ralph Lauren. Most of the time, any simple khaki pants will do.

Timberland 6-inch classics. Soles match the Bramah Hubert ones from Walmart:

Vintage Udig Trowel with LEATHER sheath.

Leatherman multitool and US Army compass pouch in olive drab.

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  1. Just wondering if there’s anything more information on the polo shirt , I’m trying to find the exact one

  2. As far as I know, its by Ralph Lauren. Im afraid I don’t know anymore. Sorry.

  3. I try to find the exact shirt but I can’t find it. I find by ralph lauren but it’s different at the chest pocket

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