Albertosaurus sarchophagus (T/C)

TrespasserAlbertoAlbertosaurus¬†is a theropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period, in western North America and Canada. Officially named by Henry F. Osborn in 1905, Albertosaurus was a close relative of the larger Tyrannosaurus, which lived later than Albertosaurus. Like it’s larger cousin, it has small, two-digit hands and a large skull that held dozens of sharp teeth, and it was most likely the apex predator of it’s ecosystem.

In Jurassic Park: Trespasser,¬†Albertosaurus¬†is one of the three carnivores that are present during Anne’s trek across Isla Sorna, the other two being the Velociraptor tribes and Tyrannosaurus. Unlike it’s larger cousin, it had a much more vibrant coloration, and will continue to chase Anne unlike Tyrannosaurus, which will give up the pursuit after a distance.

Production Notes:

Albertosaurus was originally to have a climatic appearance in the Pine Valley and Plains levels, but due to both levels being cut from the final product, the Albertosaurus was also cut as well. In the final game, it can be seen a few times during Anne’s trek. In the Industrial Jungle, it can be found hunting a Parasaurolophus while battling two Velociraptors, which appear to be hunting the same animal. Later on, in The Ascent: Part 1 it has two appearances, where at first it can be spotted in the middle of the forest close to a group of Tribe B Velociraptors. Afterward, it can be seen prowling near a destroyed jeep. In the cut dialogue from Dr. Hammond, Albertosaurus is compared to African lions. This would have likely been used in the Plains level, but was unfortunately cut from the final game.