Aviary – Isla Nublar (C/N)

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The aviary was located in the approximate center of Isla Nublar, and where InGen’s Cearadactylus atrox specimens were kept in captivity. A large domed structure, the aviary was at least a quarter of a mile in diameter and featured a pterosaur observatory attraction and lodge for visitors. Isla Nublar’s river led into the aviary, thus allowing Dr. Alan Grant, Tim and Lex Murphy to access it via a raft, and upon entry were attacked by a group of Cearadactylus. Dr. Grant noticed that a lot of the ground and vegetation in the aviary was covered with chalk-like pterosaur droppings, and plagued by a distinctive, sour odor. It is not known if a similar pterosaur containment facility was present on Isla Sorna, as none were seen by Dr. Ian Malcolm’s expedition to the island or identified when Arby Benton logged into Site B’s database.