"Basilisk Lizard" Fax Report (C/N)

The fax report sent to Dr. Marty Guitierrez from Dr. Richard Stone was concerning the data results from the half eaten Procompsognathus material he found while on the beaches of Cabo Blanco. It goes as follows:

SUBJECT: Basiliscus amoratus with genetic anomaly (forwarded from Dr. Simpson’s office)

MATERIALS: posterior segment, ? partially eaten animal

PROCEDURES PERFORMED: X ray, microscopic, immunological RTX for viral, parasitic, bacterial disease.

FINDINGS: No histologic or immunologic evidence for any communicale disease in man in this Basiliscus amoratus sample.


Richard A. Stone, M.D., director

Guitierrez made two assumptions based on the report; that the sample had been indeed confirmed to be a Basilisk lizard, and that the absense of communicable disease meant the recent lizard bite episodes posed no serious health hazards on Costa Rica, but he still felt that the sample was a lizard species, having been driven from its home, was coming into human contact, and that the biting incidents would end once the lizards settled down.