Basilisk (C/N)

Basilisk lizards are found throughout Central America. The Brown Basilisk, sometimes called Striped Basilisk, can reach up to 80 cm (32 inches) in length and usually have a brown or olive brown coloration with black stripes, but sometimes green can be seen mixed in. They have the ability to run across water and can stand on their hind legs for short periods of time.

When Tina Bowman was attacked, Dr. Guitierrez believed she was bitten by a Basilisk.  When he found a specimen, he retrieved from a Howler Monkey and sent the half-eaten animal to Dr. Simpson in New York. Still unsure of the identity, he listed it as “Basiliscus amoratus with three-toed genetic anomoly.” The specimen was later confirmed to be Procompsognathus.

It should be noted that the species name Basiliscus amoratus is fictional. The correct scientific name for the Brown or Striped Basilisk is Basiliscus vittatus.