Ben Hildebrand (S/F)

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Ben Hildebrand was Amanda Kirby‘s boyfriend following her divorce from Paul. He took Eric Kirby on a parasailing trip to Isla Sorna with the help of Enrique Cardoso, bringing along Amanda’s video camera to try to get footage of the dinosaurs. After Enrique and his driver were killed by an unseen creature and the boat crashed, Ben unclipped himself and Eric from the boat, causing the parasail to drift onto the island, and them along with it. Ben became trapped in a tree but managed to release Eric. Eight weeks later, his well-decayed remains–still tangled in the parasailing equipment–were found by the Kirbys and their rescue party, along with the camera. The film on the camera showed that Ben had been alive for at least some time after becoming stuck. Though the proximity of his remains to a Velociraptor nest seems to suggest that he was killed and perhaps partially eaten by them, there is nothing to definitively say that this was his fate.

Ben Hildebrand was played by Mark Harelik.