Big Eatie (S/F)

Big Eatie is a female Tyrannosaurus rex originally bred on Isla Sorna, Costa Rica. Sometime prior to 2016, she was illegally appropriated by Mantah Corporation for research and testing along with her daughter, Little Eatie. The two were housed in the Tropical Rain Forest Biome in Mantah Corp’s private Island and research facility, and were supervised by dinosaur behaviorist, Dr. Mae Turner.

Dr. Turner and the children watch the Rexes fight

In June 2016, the two animals would attend their scheduled feeding, unaware that drugs had been slipped into their food by the BRADs. The drugs caused Little Eatie and Big Eatie to become extremely aggressive with one another, and they began fighting. Little Eatie was seriously wounded during this confrontation, and the BRADs were forced to tranquilize the both of them.

In the following days, Little Eatie would be too weak to get up from her injuries, despite Big Eatie’s attempts to feed her. Eventually Big Eatie would be forced to abandon her offspring when herded from the biome by drones and BRADs. The island’s resident Kentrosaurus, Pierce was being herded by the Drones into a confrontation with Big Eatie in the Redwood Biome.

Kash forces Big Eatie and Pierce into fighting

The two dinosaurs were forced to fight, as the drones were controlled by Kash Langford. Big Eatie and Pierce would clash, with both animals inflicting severe injuries on each other. During the course of the fight, Big Eatie was injured by a spike from Pierce lodging itself on her body. This fight continued for several minutes until Darius Bowman put a stop to the fight, convincing Kash to tranquilize both animals. The animals were then transported to the Med Bay, where their injuries could be attended to. While in the Med Bay, Darius Bowman removed the spike from Big Eatie’s side.