Biosyn (C/N)

A genetics company, one of many founded during it’s time, Biosyn was headquartered in Cupertino, California. Primarily competed with fellow genetic engineering company, International Genetics Technologies (InGen), Biosyn tried to keep up with their competition through their head of product development, Dr. Lewis Dodgson. Dodgson himself had a checkered history, and extended such a reputation under his work at Biosyn, including incidents of introducing a modified form of the rabies virus to farmers in Chile without the latters’ knowledge or consent. Dodgson also involved himself in corporate espionage schemes for Biosyn that involved recovering developing technology from rival companies and then re-engineering the technology in such as way as to avoid lawsuit. Two notable incidents occurred due to these activities. One such incident involved InGen in 1989, when Dodgson recruited disgruntled computer programmer Dennis Nedry to steal dinosaur embryos that the company was storing at Isla Nublar. Unfortunately, the heist coincided with a test tour of the Park’s facilities. The result were several deaths, the destruction of the Isla Nublar facilities, and the bankruptcy of InGen. Although the attempted theft was a failure and left Biosyn without InGen technology, Dodgson was given another chance at recovering InGen property in 1995. Now defunct, InGen left behind Isla Sorna, their factory facility for Isla Nublar. Discovering Sorna’s location, Dodgson personally commissioned a team constituting of himself and a few acquaintances to recover dinosaur eggs from the island. Dodgson hoped that the dinosaurs would be able to alleviate Biosyn of legal or controversial responsibilities in regards to test subjects. At the time, Biosyn was using monkeys, rats,  dogs, and other animals that created controversial issues with those who opposed animal testing. Other projects were also considered for the genetically created animals, including safari parks for hunters, and the idea idea of miniaturized pets. Dr. Lewis Dodgson, as well as the rest of his team, perished on Isla Sorna during this mission.