BioSyn Personnel (CB-Topps)

BioSyn had several employees under their payroll and was in direct conflict with InGen constantly. The CEO of BioSyn was Steingarten. Employees of BioSyn included Raul LopezSonya Durant, and Dodgson. BioSyn had industrial espionage teams in North and Central America that sometimes broke into other companies’ facilities to steal research and data. BioSyn even had a contact on Isla Nublar‘s Dock on the boat waiting for Dennis Nedry to deliver the stolen embryos. When BioSyn discovered the Raptors in South America they dispatched Dr. LaDonna Belvedere, Dr. Jeremiah Fischer, a construction team, and helicopter pilots to round up the Raptors and create their own park with the Raptors alone as their sole occupants.