BioSyn Valley (S/F)

BioSyn Valley is a geographic feature in the Dolomite Mountains of northern Italy which was owned by BioSyn Genetics until early 2022. Within the valley are two major components: the former BioSyn Headquarters and BioSyn Genetics Sanctuary, which are now utilized by the United Nations. It is used for housing and studying de-extinct life forms, including 50 species of animals. Located near the mountain Cimon del Froppa, this valley functions as a wildlife refuge for de-extinct animals that either cannot be allowed to roam in the wild or are significant for research purposes. The headquarters are located at 46°30’36.7″N, 12°20’26.6″E.

De-extinct animal species housed here include some which were originally bred by BioSyn’s competitor, International Genetic Technologies, as well as some which were originally bred by BioSyn itself. Others were created by third parties, including non-corporate creators. During BioSyn’s ownership of the valley, it housed 20 animal species, but an additional thirty were added by mid-2022. Currently confirmed species include: