Tekton Bolt Cutters (S/F)

Bolt cutters are designed to easily cut through thick bolts or wires 1/2 inch or thicker. In 1997, a pair used by Nick Van Owen and Dr. Sarah Harding to release the dinosaurs from their cages in the InGen camp on Isla Sorna in 1997 is identifiable as a 14 inch set by Tekton. The two saboteurs used the cutters to snip the fuel lines in the vehicles that the InGen harvest team had brought with them to the island. They then used the tool to cut the lock from a cage holding a large Triceratops. Nick Van Owen’s carelessness with these tools inadvertently led to the InGen team discovering Hammonds’ teams’ presence on the island when retired big game hunter, Roland Tembo found the padlock that was used to secure the pin on the Triceratops‘ cage laying cut open on the ground just outside of the animal’s cage.