Brachiosaurus “brancai” * (T/C)

Trespasser Brachiosaur

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Brachiosaurus was one of the largest sauropod dinosaurs to walk the Earth. Discovered by Elmer Riggs in 1903, Brachiosaurus was declared “the largest known dinosaur” although today, much larger sauropods have been discovered. It’s name means “arm lizard”, and is different from other sauropods as the legs of Brachiosaurus are shorter in the hind legs, yet longer in the frontal limbs. This gives it a smaller tail in proportion to it’s size compared to other Jurassic period sauropods.

In Jurassic Park: Trespasser, Brachiosaurus was one of the largest herbivorous dinosaurs present on Site B, and were present twice when Anne was beginning her trek into Isla Sorna. The first occurrence happened shortly after Anne had left the crash site. Three of the animals were seen in a large clearing browsing on trees, where one appeared to be smaller than the other two. If Anne ventures down closer to the Brachiosaurs, the ground will shake with their footsteps, and the animals will not take notice of Anne, regardless if she shoots the animals. The second occurrence happened not too far from the monorail track. This animal in particular was alone, and surrounded by a small pack of Velociraptors.

Production Notes:

Brachiosaurus was the first dinosaur to be seen by Anne during her journey into Isla Sorna. The scene in particular was meant to create a similar feeling to the Brachiosaurus scene in the first Jurassic Park film, where Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and the rest of the group meet the first dinosaurs on Isla Nublar. During the first meeting in the game, Dr. Hammond’s voice-over claimed that it was the “only true Jurassic native”, which is proven to be false in both the game and movie as other dinosaurs, such as Stegosaurus, are also from the Jurassic period.