Bumblefoot (S/F)

Bumblefoot causes inflammation of a dinosaur’s foot either due to a cut or abrasion becoming infected. It eventually may heal over, but the swollen abscess will still exist and cause the dinosaur a lot of pain. Unfortunately this makes the dinosaur easier to be picked off by predators because it limits their range of movement. The odor as well from the swelling can and will attract hungry carnivores looking for prey. The inflammation is more common in herbivores like Sinoceratops and Pachycephalosaurus.

Elephants are the closes analog we have to the larger herbivorous dinosaurs like Triceratops and Brachiosaurus. The recommended preventive measure is to keep their hygiene up with constant baths. With having access to a plentiful source of clean water it serves as a preventive measure altogether to Bumblefoot. This allows the animal to routinely wash their feet and themselves.