Bumpy (S/F)

Able to give Baby Yoda a run for his money for sure.

Bumpy (December 20, 2015 – present) is an Ankylosaurus created for the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar, and the bestest dinosaur ever. She can be best described as a too-perfect-for-this-world cinnamon roll in dinosaur form, and is majorly adorbs. Uniquely identifiable by her asymmetrical squamosal horns (the left horn is stunted), Bumpy was an integral part of the events unfolding on Isla Nublar between December 2015 and June 2016, beginning with the indefinite closure of Jurassic World just two days after she hatched. During that time she bonded with the stranded members of Camp Cretaceous, particularly her surrogate parent Ben Pincus. She is notable for being among the last creatures to hatch in Jurassic World, though no hypothetical future dinosaurs could have improved on the standard she set.


Bumpy’s name refers to her armored skin and the horns on her head, which give all Ankylosaurus a bumpy appearance, although her asymmetrical horns make her specially adorable. She goes by several cute nicknames, including Bumps, Bumpster, and Bumper Car. She was given her name by Ben Pincus shortly after she hatched.

Hatching and first two days

Bumpy was created by International Genetic Technologies, particularly its lead genetic biologist Dr. Henry Wu, for the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. She was one of a batch of nine eggs fertilized around October 11. In her egg, she began to develop asymmetrical squamosal horns, with her left horn becoming stunted. This is believed to be a genetic trait, but it was missed by Wu’s geneticists, who had been tasked with screening all the creatures for unusual traits and terminating the deviations. Little did anyone at InGen know that they had created dinosaurian perfection. Bumpy hatched in the field genetics laboratory ahead of schedule, after only ten weeks, on December 20, 2015 under the supervision of Dr. Wu and his assistant Eddie. At the time, the lab was being toured by four members of Jurassic World’s Camp Cretaceous: Brooklynn, Ben Pincus, Yasmina Fadoula, and Sammy Gutierrez. They were supervised by camp counselors Roxie and Dave.

Hatching tail-first, Bumpy broke through her eggshell and set eyes on the closest of the humans, Ben Pincus. They quickly bonded, Bumpy imprinting on Ben as the first living thing she had ever seen. Meanwhile, Dr. Wu was less appreciative. Not only had Bumpy hatched prematurely, she had slipped through his genetic screening processes. He deemed her asymmetrical skull an undesirable defect and scheduled her to be delivered to an Ankylosaurus herd in Sector 5 after receiving a suite of growth hormones. Normally, baby dinosaurs at Jurassic World lived in the nursery for three months while paleoveterinarians ensured their health; Bumpy was cruelly denied this. Ben and Bumpy were distressed about their separation, but Dr. Wu shooed the campers from his lab and began preparing Bumpy for life in the outside.

Fortunately Bumpy was adopted by one of the female ankylosaurs in the herd, who acted as his surrogate mother. For forty-eight hours, Bumpy learned the ways of the Ankylosaurus, how to find good foods and avoid bad ones, and where to find fresh water and comfortable places to sleep. Her routine went uninterrupted for these two days, during which time Bumpy rapidly grew from her tiny infant size to a portly several dozen pounds, becoming rounder and cuter all the while. By the time she was two days old, she resembled a great big armored meatball. She was inspected by park staff at a laboratory at two days old and was then returned to her forest home.

2015 incident

On December 22, 2015, Bumpy’s quiet life was drastically disrupted when her herd was attacked. The four adults were foraging in the woods for food, Bumpy in the undergrowth nearby, when a huge theropod suddenly appeared and charged the herd. This creature, the Indominus rex, was another of Henry Wu’s creations, but far less precious. The ankylosaurs tried to flee, but Bumpy’s mother stumbled and fell, forcing her to face the monstrous theropod. She fought valiantly, but was wounded in battle and tragically killed. Bumpy hid in the foliage and avoided detection. The Indominus was soon distracted by a pair of young humans who had witnessed the attack, and she chased them off, leaving Bumpy alone with a ruined gyrosphere and her mother’s body.

Yes, you must cuddle teh Bumps! We must love teh Bumpy!

She stayed alone until she was finally discovered by the Camp Cretaceous campers. They had also been attacked by the Indominus and were struggling to find their way back to the park through the undeveloped jungle. This time, there were six campers; the four Bumpy had already met were joined by Darius Bowman and Kenji Kon. Ben, recognizing Bumpy, brought her immediate comfort and she returned to eating and sleeping. But the campers needed to move south. Most of them wanted to leave Bumpy where they found her, but Ben disagreed, and did his best to bring Bumpy along with them on their journey toward the main park. Adopting Bumpy immediately brought the campers good luck as an abandoned vehicle, left behind by the Asset Containment Unit during the chaos, was revealed to them from the jungle. Using this, they fled the Indominus and made for the field lab where Bumpy had hatched.

At the lab, the campers met Eddie once more, finding him traumatized by the Indominus attacks and nearly having given up hope. Upon learning that they had a vehicle, he tried to steal it and save himself. Yaz chased him down, but tripped over Bumpy, who had run in front of her. Though it at first appeared an inconvenient accident, Bumpy had actually saved Yaz, because the Indominus quickly ambushed the van that Eddie was stealing. Eddie was killed, and the campers along with Bumpy evaded the creature through the lab’s shipping container yard. From there, they took the van a distance farther south, but crashed it near the Aviary.

Here they witnessed the Indominus once more, but she was not after them now. This time she was the one being chased. In the air was JW001, the personal helicopter of the park’s owner Simon Masrani, attempting to gun down the threatening theropod. In the distance, they saw the fight move toward the Aviary, and an accident caused several Pteranodons to escape and attack the helicopter. JW001 crashed, and the explosion drove more of the pterosaurs out of the Aviary. The frenzied flying reptiles flocked westward, encountering Bumpy and the campers. Some of the reptiles targeted Bumpy as prey, and she was protected by the campers as they made for shelter. The nearest safe place was the Cretaceous Cruise River Adventure, an underground river attraction within an ancient lava tube. Entering it, they managed to avoid a persistent Pteranodon and took a kayak down the river to the south.

As they traveled along, Bumpy rode with Ben and Yaz. The lava tube opened up into a wider cave, with bioluminescent microorganisms growing on the walls and illuminating the interior. These were not the only glowing life forms in the cave; now Bumpy met another herbivorous dinosaur species, the Parasaurolophus, which Dr. Wu had engineered to glow like the algae they lived alongside. At first the parasaurs were curious, but they unexpectedly became testy and began to shove the kayaks, perhaps jealous of Bumpy’s cuteness. Moments later, the parasaurs quickly gave up and retreated away from the river. The reason became obvious: the river was picking up the pace, and with damage to a grate that normally covered the outflow branch, they were about to be shunted through an underground rapid. This led them into a drainage tunnel supplying water to the Jurassic World Lagoon.

Emerging onto open water, they were confronted with a new threat, the park’s gigantic Mosasaurus. This marine reptile investigated the kayaks as they tried their best to reach the shore. Yaz distracted the huge animal, narrowly avoiding its jaws and spraining her ankle in the process. Fortunately, all of the campers had survived, and Bumpy recovered from the ordeal alongside them in the Mosasaurus Feeding Show seating. Soon they had to move on again, though, since ferries were preparing for evacuation of Isla Nublar. InGen had chosen to abandon the island as a lost cause.

The campers rushed for the monorail, but were confronted with a Carnotaurus, one they had called Toro. Avoiding him was difficult, but they reached the monorail before it departed the station, and they headed south toward Ferry Landing. Along the way, they ate some of Ben’s carob bars and drank carob juice; Bumpy was the only one other than Ben to enjoy the taste. Before the monorail had gotten very far, they encountered a problem: another train had gotten derailed, blocking the way. Night had fallen, and its lights had attracted Pteranodons which caused it to crash. Now the pterosaurs were focusing on the new train, and Ben braved the reptiles’ assault to reach the front of the monorail and switch the track while the other campers destroyed the lights. Ben succeeded, and with the lights gone, the pterosaurs began to lose interest and head back toward the fire of the crashed train. But before the last of them gave up, one attacked Ben, pulling him out from the monorail. Darius tried to save him, but Ben fell into the jungle.

There was another problem: the monorail had switched onto a northbound track, bringing them back toward the park and away from Ferry Landing. The campers jumped, Kenji helping Bumpy off the train and ensuring she was not injured in the perilous fall. When they landed, Bumpy became separated from the others, rolling away down the steep embankment. Having lost track of her human companions, she weathered the night alone, and when daybreak came she began searching out the humans using her sense of smell. She detected a familiar scent, and found an unconscious Ben Pincus in a safe clearing. When Bumpy had first entered the world, Ben had been there to greet her, and now as Ben awoke to find himself in a strange and frightening place, Bumpy returned the favor.

Facing adolescence

Realizing that they were alone, with Isla Nublar probably evacuated, Ben began to lose hope. The jungle’s dangers were quick to move in now that the park was indefinitely closed. A flock of small Compsognathus began to close in, emboldened by Ben’s apparent weakness. Bumpy drove the scavengers away using her tail club, winning her first battle and proving that she was just as brave as she was cute. Her courage inspired Ben, and he planned to seek out the other campers, although he had lost his map. After a mishap involving a fainting spell brought on by a large leech, Ben was ready to face Isla Nublar. Since he could not locate Ferry Landing, he would head for Main Street and activate one of the park’s Emergency Distress Beacons and bring help to him.

But not knowing precisely where they were made it hard to find their way. After a few false leads, Ben and Bumpy discovered a road leading north, passing through a valley close to Jurassic World’s golf course. But the valley was occupied by Toro, who had mysteriously attained serious burns all over his body and had the bad attitude to match. He chased them off, and they only escaped him by hiding behind a rock outcrop until he was gone. With the valley as the only reliable way north toward Main Street, they were trapped in southern Isla Nublar until they found a way to best Toro’s superior speed, strength, and ferocity.

Back at their safe place, Ben assembled a simple lean-to out of forest detritus. There he and Bumpy slept through the night, away from the bigger predators. With the stresses of the past two days over, Bumpy put it all behind her and recalled the daily routine she had learned from the adult Ankylosaurus in Sector 5. In the morning of December 24, she woke to seek out food in the form of fruit. Ben, watching her, learned which fruits were edible. After this, they sought out fresh clean water, finding a river which they shared only with a lone parasaur. As the slow, peaceful day drew to a close, Bumpy took the good spot in the lean-to, earned after teaching Ben how to survive like an ankylosaur.

Thus began a routine for Bumpy and Ben: wake in the morning, forage for fruit, spend the day near the river, and rest in the lean-to at night. Each evening, Bumpy took her favorite spot in the lean-to. Unfortunately, Ben grew frustrated as the days wore into weeks. He was not an ankylosaur; he was only a human. Fruit was not enough to sustain him and the lean-to did not have enough space for both of them to be comfortable. Eventually, Ben could not take this lifestyle anymore, and tried to take the good spot in the lean-to. He struggled with Bumpy, and even her cuteness was not enough to soothe his frustrations. Bumpy sadly left Ben to stew in his aggravation for the night, finding her own place to rest.

Although Ben was quick to realize his mistake, he could not find Bumpy in the dense and disorienting jungle. She did not find her way back to him, either; she resumed her life of eating, drinking, and sleeping in a new location near the valley, kept from moving northward by Toro. She sometimes ventured into other areas of the park, such as the Adventure Zone, which was now home to nesting Triceratops. On one such occasion in March, she encountered a group of five humans, former Jurassic World staff traveling with a Troodon; these newcomers were unaware of the stranded campers, and Bumpy, being unable to speak fluent English, could not communicate to either group the presence of the other. The other humans left the following day without encountering Bumpy or the campers.

During her time alone, she had another growth spurt. Within weeks, Bumpy had grown from a few dozen pounds into a fifteen-foot, two-ton powerhouse. Adolescence allowed her to defend herself against bigger threats, including Toro, the most powerful predator in Isla Nublar’s southern region. Soon, she had reason to fight him. She spotted Ben, armed only with a spear and his primate agility, facing down the fleet-footed carnivore after discovering his own inner strength. Although Ben had learned to be courageous, he was still vulnerable against Toro, and so Bumpy intervened by tackling the carnotaur. Facing Bumpy’s natural armaments and the piercing tip of Ben’s spear, Toro was forced toward a steep hill and took a tumble down it. Defeated and humiliated, Toro allowed the pair to pass through the valley unharmed.

Defending Isla Nublar

With Ben back at her side, the challenges of adolescence were no match for Bumpy. They ventured north, but Ben’s companions and Jurassic World’s EDB were nowhere to be found in Sector 3, which was tyrannosaur territory. Farther north, they spotted smoke and light from a campfire, discovering signs in the nearby woodland that their friends had been nearby. But when they finally spotted humans, it was not the other campers: three unfamiliar adults had set up a camp in the jungle and were now discussing a plan. Ben had Bumpy stay silent and hidden, observing the strangers. They appeared to be a married couple, Mitch and Tiff, along with their guide Hap. It sounded as though these three had the other campers with them. Based on what Ben overheard, these adults were not rescuers, but foes, invading Isla Nublar for sinister purposes. They began following the strangers in secret, hoping to find their friends.

Soon, they discovered Kenji and Brooklynn being pursued by Hap through the forest after fleeing camp. Ben intervened, ambushing Hap by striking him with a heavy stick. Bumpy joined him with a triumphant bellow. They tied up the stunned man with vines. Bumpy, meanwhile, was happily reunited with her other human friends, who were overjoyed to learn that she and Ben were alive after all these weeks.

When he recovered, Hap divulged useful information: a yacht that they could use to escape was waiting at the Northwest Dock, within a day’s travel of their location. Mitch and Tiff were planning on leaving the campers behind to die, since saving them could expose their illegal trespassing and big-game hunting on the island, but Hap disagreed and was willing to risk criminal consequences to save the campers. Hap claimed to have seen a garage close to the campsite where they could find vehicles and get to the dock faster. Ben did not believe the man, suggesting that they leave him to die, while Kenji thought he was telling the truth. Brooklynn suggested a compromise, bringing Hap as a prisoner until they could determine whether he was lying.

The garage turned out to be real. But as they searched for a way inside, the ever-alert Bumpy caught wind of danger. In the forest near the garage were three Baryonyx—named Grim, Chaos, and Limbo, who the campers had previously had dealings with—prowling around in search of prey. Bumpy heroically warned Ben and the other humans, and just in the nick of time, they got into the garage. Unfortunately, opening the main door let the Baryonyx get inside, and they had to make a quick getaway. Ben rode on Bumpy as the others took a motorcycle. To delay the theropods’ pursuit, Ben ignited barrels of gasoline, causing an explosion that disoriented the Baryonyx. However, the theropods soon resumed the chase, and Ben led Bumpy down a different path to try and draw them away. But the Baryonyx wisely chased the humans on the motorcycle rather than the heavily-armored ankylosaur. Fortunately, Bumpy and Ben were soon rejoined by Kenji and Brooklynn, but Hap was no longer with them. He had sacrificed himself to the Baryonyx so the campers could escape.

The group reconvened, Yaz having now joined them. She filled them in: Darius and Sammy were being held captive by Mitch and Tiff, who were trekking to a watering hole where the hunters could bag rare game. Before Yaz made her escape, Darius had slipped Yaz what she assumed was a page from his pocket journal, which marked the location of the watering hole. But when she showed them the page, it was actually a map of Isla Nublar, and the Jurassic World Lagoon was marked on it. He was leading them down a false trail to Sector 3, intending to lure them into tyrannosaur territory to save Isla Nublar.

Brooklynn led her team into the maintenance tunnels beneath the park, bypassing the hazards of the jungle above to reach Main Street. This turned out not to be the direct route they had hoped, as the park’s security gates were shut and could not be opened without power. Thankfully Brooklynn was able to get them through a door with a working electronic keycard lock, bringing them through a frigid corridor which led them to a mysterious control room. This was the last powered place on the island, running on a secret backup generator only a few park employees probably knew about. From here, they were able to turn the park’s power back on. Security cameras allowed them to see Main Street, witnessing their friends combating the poachers and the tyrannosaur emerge to investigate. Bumpy, lacking thumbs or an understanding of advanced management and security computing, watched as her human friends did their work. Ultimately the team on Main Street was able to escape thanks to Brooklynn’s remote help, though the poachers also made it out alive and resumed their path to the watering hole.

To save the dinosaurs from the poachers, a plan was formulated. Bumpy’s role was to aid Ben, using her mighty frame to transport him and Yaz across the island and drive the unsuspecting dinosaurs away from the kill zone. Never one to pass on a chance to fight evil, Bumpy complied. At the old Camp Cretaceous site, which the campers had rebuilt into a small fortress, Yaz was put at the wheel of a ranger vehicle and Ben acquired a portable radio and the former camp counselor Dave’s homemade rap mix. Using the vehicle and radio with volume turned all the way up, they stormed the watering hole in the early hours of the morning, causing the dinosaurs there to panic and flee. This made it impossible for Mitch and Tiff to make any more kills. Moments later, the tyrannosaur arrived on the hunt, driving some of the dinosaurs back the other way. Yaz was endangered when her vehicle stalled, so Bumpy helped collect her. Now with Ben, Sammy, and Yaz on her back, Bumpy carried them all to safety through the stampede to evade the tyrannosaur’s jaws.

When the whole group met again at the Northwest Dock, they were met with a bittersweet conclusion to their struggle. Mitch had never made it out of the stampede, and Tiff as the sole survivor of her party had reached the yacht with nothing to show for her exploits, but she was taking the yacht. Not far offshore, yet too far to reach, her taunts were suddenly cut short as the yacht lurched and then went silent. Carried by the waves, it was set adrift and floated southward out of sight. The campers would not be leaving Isla Nublar today. Bumpy’s human family would stay with her on the island until they found another way off.

The campers depart

More weeks and months passed, until it was the heat of summer. Bumpy was now six months old, growing stronger and wiser as she protected (and was protected by) her human family. Ben understood that she would one day need to live among her own kind, though, so he let her spend more time outside of camp, among the Ankylosaurus herd in the northern jungle. During the months after the poacher incident, the campers made several efforts to escape the island, none of which succeeded. Each time an effort looked like it would work, the campers bid a tearful goodbye to Bumpy, but these goodbyes were quickly rescinded time and time again. Their escape efforts culminated in an attempt to get supplies from Lookout Point, where Bumpy defended them against territorial Dimorphodons. After this mission, the campers discovered Mitch and Tiff’s yacht had not drifted out to sea like they thought, but had instead gotten caught against rocks off Isla Nublar’s western coast. It was within swimming distance, in an area where the seas were calm and relatively safe, so they swam out to it and brought it around to the Northwest Dock to refuel. Ben and Bumpy took the overland route, locking the gates to the dock area to keep out unwanted wildlife. Now that they had a large enough boat, Bumpy could leave Isla Nublar with them, and they celebrated into the evening.

The campers’ celebration was cut short when the yacht was struck by something in the water, forcing them to find supplies to patch it up. They discovered that the Northwest Dock had been invaded by a pair of Ouranosaurus which were behaving uncharacteristically on edge. Bumpy defended her friends against the aggressive dinosaurs, and they escaped on the barely-seaworthy yacht using fireworks to scare the dinosaurs back to shore.

Now, they needed to repair the yacht as well as refuel it, so they made for the nearest safe harbor, a private dock near the Kon family penthouse. The entrance door was small, so Bumpy lounged outside in the morning sun while her friends retrieved what they needed. While she waited, she noticed a group of small carnivores, Monolophosaurus, around the building. These dinosaurs were not dangerous to Bumpy, but they could threaten the humans without her protection. When the theropods started entering the penthouse, Bumpy gave a distress call to warn the humans, which Ben fortunately heard. The campers made an escape using a limousine from the penthouse garage, and Bumpy fended off the pursuing Monolophosaurus as they made for the dock. With fuel and supplies to patch the hole, their escape from the island was imminent at last.

The following day, repairs were nearing completion, though the sealant on the patch would take about forty-eight hours to fully set. This meant that their escape was only two days away. While they waited, Ben helped Bumpy prepare for a life in the wild. He had reservations about bringing her away from the island, the only home she had ever known, and was equally anxious about leaving her behind. Ben was beginning to change his mind about leaving. Before he could have a serious discussion, trouble met the campers as they learned of a strange creature which had escaped the maintenance tunnels, a predecessor of the Indominus called Scorpios rex. Bumpy at first sheltered with the humans at the campsite, but the Scorpios brought a sense of unease to the whole jungle. Like the other dinosaurs, Bumpy was put on edge by the new threat, and she was spooked by a storm and fled camp.

Bumpy weathered the stormy night with the older ankylosaurs, who were accepting her as one of them. In the early morning, Ben succeeded at finding her again. He had now decided not to leave the island at all, fearing that his personal growth would be lost if he did. Bumpy had helped him find his inner strength, and he did not yet realize that Bumpy had only brought out the courage that was already there. Darius eventually located Ben, trying to convince him to leave the island with the others, but he refused, and the friends got into a fight, distressing Bumpy. Her reaction made them realize that the only reason they were fighting was because they had grown so much to care for each other. Ben agreed to come and say goodbye to the other campers, then return to Bumpy’s herd.

Before the humans had gone, the ankylosaurs came under threat by a Scorpios. The adults mobilized to make a protective formation around Bumpy, preserving the precious youngster at all costs. Their thick hides proved too tough for even the ferocious Scorpios to pierce, and the creature soon gave up in frustration. Although Ben had been a caring parent to Bumpy, he now realized that she was best protected by other ankylosaurs. He and Darius began to return to the dock, leaving Bumpy with her new family. Bumpy, although she was happy with the company her own species provided, would never forget her friendship to Ben and the other campers.

But before the humans departed completely, there was one last mission for them to accomplish together. The yacht’s departure was delayed a final time by the arrival of mercenaries escorting Dr. Wu to the island. To hinder the disgraced geneticist’s research, the campers plotted to steal his data, which resulted in Brooklynn being captured by the mercenaries’ leader Hawkes. In exchange for her safe return, the campers were forced to give Wu his research laptop back. Darius had copied the data onto a flash drive and attempted to wipe the hard drive, plotting to give Wu an empty device in exchange for Brooklynn. This was where Bumpy would come in: Ben had her rally her new family to charge the valley, creating a diversion so that Wu and Hawkes would flee with the wiped laptop before realizing they had been tricked. Unbeknownst to Ben and Bumpy, Kenji disagreed with the plan and tried to give Wu the laptop back with its data still on it, causing Ben and Bumpy to initiate the stampede early. During the chaos, the laptop was destroyed and Brooklynn escaped, so despite their internal conflict, the campers’ mission succeeded. Wu and Hawkes fled the island.

Now, the campers had nothing stopping them from departing as well. Ben had finally come to realize what Bumpy had been teaching him, that his bravery had not come from Isla Nublar but from himself. Though their parting was sad, they had both grown into stronger creatures because of each other. Ben and the other campers boarded the yacht and, after six long months, left Isla Nublar. For the first time in her life, Bumpy lived in a world without humans. But she never forgot her friendships, and often slept in the ruins of Camp Cretaceous, reminiscing.

Removal from Isla Nublar

When Bumpy was just over a year old, in early 2017, Isla Nublar started to deteriorate. Volcanic activity at Mount Sibo was poisoning the northern region of the island. Meanwhile, the overabundance of animal life was collapsing the ecosystem, with some species even falling into extinction. Finally in the summer of 2018, when Bumpy was two and a half years old, the volcano started to erupt, devastating Isla Nublar’s ecology.

We have been assured that our beloved Bumpy is safe, despite the natural disaster on Isla Nublar. Many dinosaurs were illegally removed from the island in June during the eruption by mercenaries hired by Eli Mills, Wu’s co-conspirator and the same man who had hired Hawkes, and brought to Orick, California to be sold on the black market. The auction was disrupted by animal rights activists, and the unsold creatures were released into the wild due to a convoluted series of events involving a laboratory accident. However, Bumpy’s exact role in these events is currently unknown to us, including when and how she was taken from Isla Nublar and where she is now.


Bumpy is without competition the cutest dinosaur of all time. She was an adorable muffin when she hatched, and achieved absolute peak cuteness during her youth. Now, as she has grown to an adult, she has become spikier and less rotund, but she will always be our precious Bumpy.

Physical strength and durability

Covered from head to toe in tough scales, Bumpy is endowed with all the protection necessary to keep her perfect preciousness safe from harm. She is also able to go on the offense when those she cares about are in danger. In her early youth, she first showed strength by fighting off a group of scavenging Compsognathus, bravely confronting the small theropods even though her tail club was just a little nubbin on the end of her tail. As she grew older, she was capable of standing up to bigger threats, eventually driving away an adult Carnotaurus as an adolescent. Fully-grown Ankylosaurus can swing their tails with enough force to shatter the bones of most foes. Bumpy is noticeably more limber and agile than an average ankylosaur, making her fast and nimble for her kind.

Bumpy is largely in good health and quite athletic, though she suffers occasional constipation.


As mentioned above, Bumpy is quite strong and capable, but any compliment about Bumpy is worth giving twice. She has proved her mettle in combat against all kinds of threats, ranging from small scavengers to great predators, and even aggressive rival herbivores. Most ankylosaurs will fight defensively and rely on their armor for protection, but Bumpy was raised by humans for a good amount of her childhood, so she thinks differently and can strategize. She can turn her armor into an offensive weapon to tackle foes, along with using her clubbed tail. Any creature who has the gall to threaten this perfect dinosaur will earn serious consequences. However, Bumpy will go on the defensive to protect her friends, helping them to flee from a particularly dangerous threat. She can use her strategic skills during a retreat as well, for example running crosswise through a stampede to evade the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus.


Ankylosaurus do not have excellent eyesight, but they can tell different faces apart. Bumpy uses this to recall her friends, even when she has not seen them for some time. Her strongest senses are smell and taste, though her hearing is also rather good. Bumpy’s sense of smell helps her not only find food, but select only the best, as she deserves. This allows her to choose ripe, tasty fruits. She can also quickly tell when danger is afoot by smelling and listening for any change in her surroundings that might indicate trouble on the way.

Perception of the world

If each and every one of us could see the world through the eyes of Bumpy, our society might achieve utopia. But alas, we are not Bumpy, so instead we must watch the way she interacts with her world and learn the inner workings of her mind if we are to better ourselves. She is an innocent but stalwart creature, strong of will and wholesome of heart. Bumpy is not rash to judge, and sees the potential in others before they even know it. As an ankylosaur, most of her life is spent in search of simple pleasures, such as good food and fresh water; she has the serenity to accept that which she cannot change, and the courage to deal out justice using her unstoppable tail. Bumpy values the bonds of a family group, and these bonds are strengthened through shared mealtimes. Therefore, she forms friendships based around food.

Bumpy’s outlook on the world shares features of normal Ankylosaurus as well as the humans who helped to raise her during her childhood, making her a completely unique creature. She enjoys the simplicity of an animal’s life, but in being raised by humans when she was small and vulnerable, she has learned to protect those she cares for in return. Now that she has grown into a mighty creature, she looks out for those in need of aid. If Bumpy could speak, she would speak only goodness and truth. Frankly, we would listen to anything she told us without question. We must all strive to be more like Bumpy in our everyday lives.

Dr. Henry Wu and InGen staff

Like nearly all of Jurassic World’s creatures, Bumpy was created in part by geneticist Dr. Henry Wu, along with his staff of genetic biologists (such as Eddie, who was also a corporate spy). By the time Bumpy was created, InGen had already been cloning Ankylosaurus for nearly two decades, so no one realized yet how special she was. In fact, when Bumpy hatched prematurely under Eddie’s supervision, Wu realized that she had asymmetrical skull structure and was frustrated that his strict genetic screening protocols had missed a dinosaur. Had the screening picked up Bumpy’s unique trait, she would have been terminated. Fortunately, once she had hatched Dr. Wu took no such action, instead giving her the usual growth-enhancing substances and sending her off to live in the wild without the standard waiting period in the nursery. Her hatching was attended to by other InGen staff, including Camp Cretaceous counselors Roxie and Dave; after this, she was brought into Sector 5 by the park’s animal handlers.

For two days, Bumpy was monitored along with her surrogate herd by InGen staff members, probably including park rangers and paleoveterinarians. On that second day, her life was interrupted by the escape of the Indominus rex, another of Wu’s creations. InGen and other Masrani Global companies worked to contain the disaster, and when it rapidly spiraled out of control, they just tried to keep the damage limited. Bumpy was there to witness the death of Simon Masrani, the moment at which the incident grew beyond InGen’s ability to truly resolve. She was out in the wild during most of the incident, and so was not aided or hindered by any InGen staff; instead she and her human companions were simply caught in the crossfire.

InGen abandoned Isla Nublar after the incident under orders of company administration. The island was only infrequently visited by humans in the intervening time, and no one from InGen encountered Bumpy until June that year. Wu, now disgraced due to his various crimes (not the least of which was dismissing Bumpy), returned to Isla Nublar to recover valuable data for his work. Bumpy, now an adult, cooperated with Ben Pincus to rally the Ankylosaurus and help hinder Wu. Due to the ankylosaurs’ intervention, Wu lost his research laptop, drastically reducing the amount of data he had for research. Although this was fitting comeuppance, nothing can truly bring justice for Wu’s treatment of Bumpy when she was a hatchling. In a decades-long career that has seen him perform astonishingly unethical experiments and cause harm to his coworkers, biological specimens, and the general public, rejecting Bumpy was surely the most morally bankrupt act Wu has committed yet.

Benjamin Fitzgerald Pincus

The first living creature Bumpy ever saw upon hatching was Ben Pincus, who at the time was fourteen years old. Because of this first meeting, Bumpy imprinted on Ben, viewing him as a parental figure. It was Ben who gave Bumpy her name after noticing her asymmetrical squamosal horns. Though they were separated by Dr. Wu, they were reunited two days later in the wild of Sector 5 after Bumpy was separated from her herd in the Indominus attack. She had lost her adoptive mother, but now her original parent was back to take care of her. Though the other campers were concerned Bumpy would slow them down, Ben insisted on bringing her along anyway, unwilling to just let her fend for herself. After all, the campers had been left behind by InGen during the crisis too.

Bumpy and Ben were separated from the others during their own evacuation, and when InGen abandoned Isla Nublar, it left them truly alone this time. Since Ben had protected Bumpy when she was small and vulnerable, she now returned the favor as she was growing larger. In fact, she was the first thing Ben saw upon waking up after he fell unconscious during the incident. Bumpy showed Ben what she had learned in her two days with the ankylosaurs in the wild, teaching him how to find food and water. In return, he built them a shelter; Bumpy took her preferred spot each night, but unfortunately she had gotten big enough that there was no room for both of them. This strained their relationship, and eventually Ben grew frustrated and sent Bumpy to sleep outside. She was shocked at her parent’s anger, and tragically ran away; Ben quickly regretted his outburst and tried to find her, but the jungle was too treacherous, and he had to turn back.

Fortunately, this was not the last they would see of each other. Bumpy grew into an adolescent in the ensuing weeks and returned to aid Ben in fighting the Carnotaurus Toro, gaining them access to the northern parts of the island. Thanks to Bumpy, the group of campers was reunited. Ben’s main anxiety about Bumpy from then on was whether she could be brought off the island with him; their bond was very powerful and he was always concerned for her safety if she were left alone. They knew each other intimately, perhaps closer than they knew any members of their own respective species, and always cared for each other. Bumpy used her keen sense of smell and instinctive knowledge of the forest to help find food and avoid danger, while Ben used his intelligence and the dexterity his human body granted him to provide for Bumpy in ways an ankylosaur could not. When they found a way off the island, Ben considered bringing Bumpy with them, but was forced to recognize that Bumpy belonged in the wild. He tried to stay behind with her, but soon he had to realize that he belonged in the human world just as much as Bumpy belonged with the dinosaurs.

Although they live separate lives today, Bumpy and Ben will never forget each other. The things they went through together on Isla Nublar forever changed them both. They cared for each other, becoming family, and helped each other grow up. Today, both Bumpy and Ben are stronger and more courageous because of their bond and shared experiences.

Yasmina Fadoula

Aside from Ben Pincus, one of Bumpy’s closest human family members is Yaz Fadoula, a quiet and athletic introvert. She has many traits in common with Ben, not just her introversion and social awkwardness, but an artistic streak too. Also like Ben, she needed Isla Nublar to teach her courage, but in a different way. While Ben needed to learn how to confront his anxieties, Yaz had to find the strength to trust other people. There was surely no better way to open one’s heart than to do so for Bumpy, whose goodness can heal even the most emotionally damaged soul. During the 2015 incident, Yaz helped Bumpy avoid danger with her driving skills, and Bumpy also saved her life by tripping her just before she would have run into the Indominus.

Another reason Bumpy and Yaz have a close relationship is food. As an athlete, Yaz needs to have energy-boosting snacks available so that she can regain her strength quickly. Bumpy, an Ankylosaurus, can eat hundreds of pounds of forage in a day and so always appreciates having easy food nearby. Yaz often keeps food in her pockets, and when she and Bumpy spend time together, Yaz happily shares her snacks. Bumpy protects Yaz from danger along with her other family members, notably rescuing her from a Tyrannosaurus on one occasion.

Sammy Gutierrez

One of Bumpy’s human family members is Sammy Gutierrez, who comes from a family of Texan cattle ranchers. Her experience with large animals makes her comfortable around many types of dinosaurs, even though they can be quite different from the mammals she is used to. Some aspects of animal behavior are common between all sorts of species, though, and these commonalities make Sammy’s animal husbandry skills more transferable. However, she did take some time to learn Bumpy’s quirks, so Bumpy was not as close with Sammy as she was with Ben or Yaz. At one point, Sammy was worried that Bumpy did not like her, despite her efforts at friendship. This was actually because Bumpy was paying more attention to Yaz, who always shared snacks with Bumpy; Sammy’s friends revealed this to her, and has just been teasing Sammy throughout the day by making her think she was losing her touch with animals.

In reality, even though Sammy is not the closest to her out of all the campers, she is still in Bumpy’s inner circle of family and friendship. Sammy cares for Bumpy as well as any of the cows on her family ranch, and in return, Bumpy protects Sammy from danger. She will go up against fairly menacing foes to keep Sammy safe, such as fending off a pair of big, territorial Ouranosaurus and a riled-up mob of Monolophosaurus. During the fight to protect Isla Nublar from poachers, Bumpy even risked the jaws of the island’s most powerful predator, the Tyrannosaurus, to save Sammy.


One of Bumpy’s earliest human friends was Brooklynn, who was there to witness her hatching along with her parental figure Ben Pincus. Of course, Bumpy saw Ben first and imprinted on him, but she also recognizes Brooklynn as one of her family members. Brooklynn was getting video footage of the lab for her vlog, although the popularity of her show was faltering at the time. Frankly, it is a crime that Bumpy’s appearance on the vlog did not save it altogether by gaining the viewership of everyone with an internet connection, and this only goes to show that social media is not what it’s cracked up to be. Everyone should like and subscribe to Bumpy. Everyone should follow Bumpy.

During their time together on Isla Nublar, Brooklynn and Bumpy went on a few adventures together, and Brooklynn’s past experience in exotic (and sometimes dangerous) parts of the world meant that she was always ready to join in the action. Being cut off from the outside world for six months meant that Brooklynn became isolated from her online fan community, but now that Bumpy is her fan, the approval of countless subscribers has become meaningless in comparison. Bumpy has given Brooklynn the gift of true friendship, not just by herself, but by bringing her together with the other campers.

Darius Bowman

She did not meet him until later than the other campers, but Darius Bowman nonetheless has become an important friend to Bumpy. His lifelong love of dinosaurs meant that he was one of the first campers to help Ben take care of Bumpy when they found her in the wild, and this aided Darius in becoming friends with Ben. Of course, the chance to be friends with a dinosaur too was a great gift for Darius. His background knowledge on dinosaur paleontology gives him insights into Bumpy’s life that the other campers might take longer to think of, and so he and Ben probably understand Bumpy best, if for different reasons.

Since Darius and Ben are close friends, they both often spent time around Bumpy when on Isla Nublar. Bumpy understood their friendship well and became distressed when she saw them fighting. Just as Bumpy was the catalyst for the friendship between Darius and Ben, Darius also helped Ben realize how his relationship with Bumpy was growing. By June after the campers became stranded, Ben and Bumpy had both grown up in more ways than they realized, and it was Darius who helped Ben see that Bumpy could take care of herself now. He also helped Ben come to terms with the fact that his newfound courage had come from within, and that Bumpy had just helped him discover it.

Kenji Kon

Like Darius Bowman, Kenji Kon did not meet Bumpy on the day she hatched, but instead came across her in the wild when the campers discovered her in the wake of an Indominus rex attack. At first, Kenji was skeptical about bringing Bumpy with them, thinking she would slow them down. By the end of the day, though, he had bonded with Bumpy and was willing to risk injury to keep her safe, using his own body to shield her when jumping off a moving monorail. He became concerned when they could not find her after landing, and was relieved when Bumpy and Ben turned up alive and thriving a few weeks later.

Because of his laid-back attitude, Kenji was not usually involved with the adventures Ben and Bumpy went on, so he was not as close with Bumpy as the other campers. Still, he did care about her and vice versa. Bumpy protected Kenji from danger, and now that Bumpy was a powerful adolescent, Kenji was among the first campers to realize that she could take care of herself. When they first met, Kenji had advocated for leaving Bumpy to fend for herself in the wild, but this time he recognized her maturity and strength. Even Ben did not acknowledge so quickly that Bumpy no longer needed the protection of humans to survive. They have parted ways now, but retain fond memories of each other. Kenji had grown up surrounded by the finer things in life, but all the riches in the world could never compare to Bumpy.

Isla Nublar Ankylosaurus

Bumpy was first introduced to a small herd of Ankylosaurus in Isla Nublar’s Sector 5 when she was less than a day old, far younger than most Jurassic World dinosaurs. One of the female ankylosaurs adopted Bumpy, acting as a surrogate mother and teaching her how to find good food and fresh, clean water in the wild. Bumpy learned where to sleep and what to eat. Sadly, Bumpy’s mother was attacked by the Indominus rex after two days. The herd tried to flee, but Bumpy’s mother stumbled and fell, having to fight the theropod instead; she was killed, leaving Bumpy an orphan. Bumpy remained hidden, the other ankylosaurs fearing to return to the attack site.

She reunited with her own species months later, after being trapped in the island’s south while growing up. Her adoptive human parent, Ben Pincus, brought her to a herd in the north, possibly including some of the ankylosaurs who she had originally met as a hatchling. In the intervening time, Bumpy had lived by the lessons she learned from the adults, but her relationship with Ben gave her behavior a more humanlike twist. She was different from any other Ankylosaurus, but the herd accepted her nonetheless, as they should.

Bumpy is beloved by all Ankylosaurus who know her. During her first days among them, they rallied to defend her against the menacing Scorpios rex, and later she led a charge of ankylosaurs to threaten the villainous mercenary Hawkes and amoral geneticist Dr. Henry Wu. The ankylosaurs’ unquestioning love of Bumpy is a testament to just how universal her appeal is. All sensible beings adore Bumpy.

The Indominus

Bumpy’s idyllic life in Sector 5 of Isla Nublar was cruelly brought to an end by the Indominus rex, a genetically-engineered theropod created by Dr. Henry Wu as both a park attraction and a living weapon. The creature ambushed her herd and fought with her adoptive mother, killing her in battle. Fortunately, Bumpy was not discovered, as the monster chased off after other prey and Bumpy remained well hidden in the foliage.

Luck favored Bumpy, as the creature that left her an orphan had little relationship with her throughout the rest of that terrible day. Bumpy was chased after by the Indominus on one other occasion, escaping the hybrid’s maw with the help of her new human companions. The hybrid made one more appearance, passing through the area coincidentally; after that moment, Bumpy never saw her again. Isla Nublar was rid of the Indominus that night as she met her match on Main Street.


When Bumpy was young, she first encountered Toro, a Carnotaurus who escaped captivity due to the Indominus intervening. She was accompanied by the six humans who were now protecting her, and they helped her evade the fast and powerful carnivore without being caught. Unfortunately, the area where she settled in to grow up was near Toro’s territory, and he controlled the valley that represented the easiest way north. This meant that Bumpy was stranded in the southern region of the island. She and Ben Pincus remained in the south for weeks, during which time Bumpy grew into an adolescent.

Their situation changed after Bumpy started to grow up. She became bigger, heavier, and more powerful, with a stronger tail and tougher armor. When she saw Ben facing Toro on his own, she reunited with her adoptive human parent and joined the brawl. Her newfound power was put to the test against Toro’s jaws and muscular legs, and Bumpy succeeded at winning the first fight of her grown-up life. Toro was driven back, though not killed, and she saved Ben from what would have been a painful end. With Toro injured and humiliated, Bumpy and Ben were able to pass through the valley unimpeded, leaving the carnotaur to tend to his bruised pride. Now, Bumpy is strong enough that he is no threat.


One of Dr. Wu’s less successful creations, the Scorpios rex called E750 and her offspring menaced Isla Nublar during a few months of early 2016 until their deaths in June. Bumpy, fortunately, was spared from the worst of their rampage; she faced one of the creatures just once, and was protected by her herd. The tough scaly skin of an Ankylosaurus is able to withstand strikes from a Scorpios rex, so these armored herbivores proved to be the only inhabitants of the island capable of fending off the venomous hybrid. With her human family vanquishing both Scorpios before either had a chance to threaten her again, Bumpy and the other dinosaurs were kept safe from Dr. Wu’s terrible failure.

Other Isla Nublar creatures

During her time on Isla Nublar, Bumpy encountered a wide range of de-extinct animals and plants. The first animal outside of her own species was the Indominus rex, a ferocious artificially-engineered predator which killed Bumpy’s adoptive mother. She was later menaced by Pteranodons, which attempted to prey on her; other carnivores she was threatened by during these early days included a Mosasaurus and Carnotaurus. She also witnessed the herbivorous Parasaurolophus, which nonetheless were a minor hazard. Bumpy’s first victory in battle was against a group of Compsognathus, small scavengers which she fought off to defend Ben Pincus. These compies gave Bumpy her first taste of peril, but also helped to prove the power she held within her.

As an adolescent, she became more capable of fending off danger. Smaller threats like Compsognathus and Pteranodon no longer bothered her, and she proved easily able to defend against Dimorphodon and Monolophosaurus. She often stood up to these smaller predators in order to aid her human companions. At this age, even Carnotaurus was not an insurmountable threat. She made it to the northern part of the island, where she encountered herbivorous species such as Sinoceratops, Brachiosaurus, and Stegosaurus; she lived in a different ecological niche than these, so she mostly avoided competition. She did at one point have a conflict with territorial Ouranosaurus, which menaced Camp Cretaceous after being driven from their home.

A single Velociraptor, called Blue, also lived in the north. Bumpy was too large for Blue to prey upon, so they had no conflict. Most of the carnivores caused her little trouble, in fact. Ceratosaurus were known from her territory, but they left her alone, as did the three Baryonyx called Grim, Chaos, and Limbo. Bumpy was uneasy around these spinosaurs, but they were more interested in eating smaller and less defended prey such as her human family. Because of this, Bumpy found herself an enemy of the three Baryonyx.

There are only two predators Bumpy has ever feared after graduating out of childhood. These are the venomous Scorpios rex, a predecessor to the Indominus, and the Tyrannosaurus rex. Of the two, only the latter presents a real threat to an ankylosaur. Scorpios can kill most creatures, but the armored hides of Ankylosaurus repel its attacks, so adult ankylosaurs protected Bumpy against it. She faced Isla Nublar’s oldest Tyrannosaurus once, braving this veteran hunter’s crushing jaws in order to save her human companions.

In more recent years, being transplanted to the North American mainland has been a confusing experience for Bumpy and the other dinosaurs. Many of them have been captured and relocated, but Bumpy’s location is unknown at the moment. It may be that she lives away from the animals she once considered neighbors, but if any of Isla Nublar’s former inhabitants share territory with Bumpy, they assuredly provide some form of familiarity in a very unfamiliar world.

Mitch, Tiff, and Hap

A pair of big-game hunters named Mitchell and Tiffany, as well as their hired guide Hap, landed on Isla Nublar in early 2016 in violation of United Nations quarantine protocol to poach the rarest megafauna on Earth. Bumpy and Ben Pincus were moving north in search of the other Camp Cretaceous members when they spotted a campfire and investigated, overhearing the poachers talking about their sinister plot. Bumpy did not understand the situation, but Ben’s body language and actions clearly told her that these strangers were not to be trusted. Ben was able to ambush Hap in the jungle to save two of his friends, and Bumpy backed him up, a powerful force to deter their prisoner from fighting back.

The humans debated whether or not to trust Hap when he claimed to be trying to save them from Mitch and Tiff, which of course Bumpy could not contribute to. In the end, she and Ben tried to lure away some threatening Baryonyx and save their friends, but instead Hap sacrificed himself. This left them with just Mitch and Tiff to combat. Bumpy aided in saving the dinosaurs at the northern watering hole, foiling the poachers’ mission. She was an integral part of the campers’ plan to stop the trophy hunting. Mitch met his end after the stampede caused by Bumpy and the others lured a tyrannosaur to the scene, and Tiff was later killed by the Baryonyx. Bumpy had played her role in helping Isla Nublar fight back against the invasion, and it was a success.

Mercenaries hired by Eli Mills

On two occasions, the two-faced manager of the Lockwood Foundation Eli Mills hired mercenaries to land on Isla Nublar and collect valuable resources. The first time was in June 2016, where a man called Hawkes led a team to aid Henry Wu in acquiring research data he had left behind when Jurassic World closed. Bumpy’s human family tried their best to stop him, and Bumpy had a role to play here: she led the Ankylosaurus herd on a charge into the rendezvous point, running circles around their enemies. This allowed Brooklynn, who was a prisoner, to escape and also destroyed Wu’s research laptop. With his data gone, Wu was forced to use biological samples as his only reference to research going forward, which greatly slowed him down. Bumpy probably saved the world from genetic terror.

Almost exactly two years later, a second mercenary team landed on the island. This time it was led by a man called Ken Wheatley, and their mission was to extract dinosaurs not just for Wu’s research but to sell on the black market. At the moment, nothing is known about Bumpy’s involvement in this incident. It is even possible she had been taken off Isla Nublar somehow before this happened. We can be sure that, if she was still on the island when Wheatley began rounding up animals for sale, Bumpy’s tail dealt out sweet justice to Wheatley’s cronies.


Bumpy is portrayed through 3D animation, though we suspect DreamWorks Animation has utilized some form of magic to endow Bumpy with the seemingly-impossible level of cuteness she displays. There are three models of Bumpy used in the series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, since more Bumpy is always better: a tiny hatchling, cutesy round juvenile, and a maturing adolescent.

In previous versions of the Camp Cretaceous script, Bumpy was planned to be a Maiasaura, and numerous other baby dinosaurs were drawn up in concept art, possibly as alternative species for Bumpy. However, we think the showrunners made the right choice in the end, as Bumpy is perfect.