Cabo Blanco (C/N)

Cabo BlancoCabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve is a Costa Rican nature reserve covering an area of 3,140 acres (12.7 km2) of land, as well as 4,420 acres (17.9 km2) of sea at the southern tip of the Nicoyan Peninsula. The reserve itself is located in the Puntarenas province.

About 140 different species of trees have been identified in the park, including a unique combination of evergreen and deciduous trees due to its location in a transitional area between dry and wet forests; normally, evergreens are found in humid rainforests and deciduous trees in dry forests. There is also a large variety of animals living on the reserve; the ones most often seen are howler and white-faced monkeys, though white-nosed coati and white-tailed deer are also common sights. Margays and coyotes also live in the region, but are harder to spot than other animals.

While on vacation with her family, Christina Bowman was attacked by a Procompsognathus and sent to San Jose for emergency treatment.