Cameron Thor

Cameron Thor, as he appeared in Jurassic Park.

Gregory Cameron Thor (born March 17th, 1960) was an American actor, screenwriter, film director and acting coach, who was best known for his appearance in Jurassic Park (playing as Lewis Dodgson) and Hook. Since 2013, he has starred in fourteen film productions, as well as multiple television productions.

In 2013, a police report was filed against Cameron Thor by a thirteen-year old girl on account of kidnapping and rape charges. The girl claimed that Thor, after consulting with him about acting classes, had taken her to a secluded location in Aguora Hills and sexually assaulted her. The case was presented to Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, where he was charged with multiple accounts of kidnapping, robbery and sexual assault of a minor.

As of 2013, he is in jail being held on two-point six million dollar bail.