Camp Cretaceous Episode Four: Things Fall Apart


Darius and his Father

The episode opens up with a flashback to Darius Bowman’s room, before he left for Isla Nublar. He is sharing an online paleontology article with his father. They talk about their aspirations to visit Jurassic World together, as his father gives him a present of matching Velociraptor teeth. They promise to visit the park together, no matter what, as the scene shifts to present day, with Darius sadly looking at a photograph of him and his father.

That morning, Roxie is organizing the campers, as Simon Masrani arrives overhead via Helicopter. Roxie and Dave attempt to contact Claire Dearing regarding the children’s misadventures in the park, pleading to her that they need more staff or to send the kids home, but her voicemail is full. Thus, they decide to attempt to contact her in person, despite Dave’s protests regarding leaving them alone, Roxie assures him they will be gone only an hour or two.

Ben’s Drawing of Bumpy

That morning, Darius attempts to bond with the rest of the campers again, but they are not in the mood. Ben and Kenji still blame him for the events of the previous day, even as Darius attempts to rally the group to go kayaking despite the counselor’s absence. He is then informed of Roxie and Dave’s admonishments to stay in camp. Meanwhile, Brooklynn confronts the group, accusing one of them of having stolen her phone., although the group denies having taken it. Brooklynn accuses Sammy of the theft, but Yasmina defends her.

The group is distracted from arguing by the sound of a dinosaur roar, and all head to the balcony. The group with the exception of Ben, go to the observation deck to try to see what animal the sound was coming from, although he gets scared and runs after the group, missing the radio reporting about asset out of containment. Faced with a locked door to the Observation tower, the campers have difficulty getting in, but Brooklynn uses a hair pin to break in.

The Indominus attacks the tower

Reaching the top, the group appear to be extremely tired, but arrive just in time to witness a Brachiosaurus feeding off a tree. Just then, two park staff approach the tower, attempting to alert them of the asset out of containment. As the campers refuse to come down, they hear another roar as the Brachiosaurus is attacked. The Indominus Rex suddenly approaches, ambushing the staffers, and killing them. The Indominus proceeds to break through the fence, and attack the Observation tower.

The tower begins to rock, and Sammy nearly falls, only to be saved by Yasmina, and then pulled up by the combined efforts of Darius and Kenji as well. The group attempt to use the zip line to escape, just as the emergency break trips, leaving them stranded in the center of the zip line As the Indominus attempts to climb the structure, Darius pairs up with Yasmina to attempt to creat enough momentum to force the other campers to reach the next zip line tower. However, the Indominus succeeds in knocking down the first tower, along with the line, sending the campers falling down to earth.

The episode then goes into a flashback, with Darius visiting his father in a hospital room. He attempts to brighten his father up with plans of a trip, but his father tells him that he is too sick. However, his father encourages him to never give up hope, even as he tells him that he hopes Darius will make it to Jurassic World.

The destroyed camp

Darius wakes up in present day, as the campers are still disoriented. Sammy attempts to give the phone back to Brooklynn, but hides it again, after realizing it was broken in the fall. Meanwhile, Darius is upset that he left his necklace in his bunker. The campers flee back to camp only to find that the camp has been destroyed in their absence by the Indominus. As Sammy tries to reassure them that the other workers got away, Sammy finds an overturned staff vehicle, and realizes not all of them survived.

Yasmina finds a radio, but realizes that they are on their own after finding its broken. Brooklynn publically confronts and accuses Sammy again in front of the group, demanding her phone back, and revealing her earlier incursions into the park security. Sammy denies it, gaining some of the other camper’s support, as the group descends into arguing among themselves. Darius rallies the group by saying that they need to work together to get to the main tourist area of the park, and get help. The episode ends with a cliffhanger of the Indominus confronting the Carnotaurus.




References/continuities to Lore:

  • This episode takes place on the day of the Jurassic World incident, Simon Masrani is seen arriving on the island, via helicopter.
  • The events of episode 2 take place at least 48 hours before the Jurassic World Incident
  • Zach and Gray Mitchell are referenced as having been planned to join the campers that day.

Character Notes;

  • Ben is quiet and bookish, and shown to be scared of being alone.