Camp Cretaceous Episode Eighteen: Safe Harbour


Darius uncovers the scene of Tiff’s death

The episode opens up with the campers changed into bathing gear, cautiously approaching the boat from the ocean.  They begin to carefully search the boat, finding claw marks, but finding no sign of anyone or any animals in the boat. They uncover the pilots room, and determine that Tiff was attacked by an animal. The radio and the controls are busted up, and they determine that its out of gas. Darius determines that if they could make it to the Northwest dock, they could find more gas for the boat.

Darius and Brooklynn are suddenly frightened by the sound of a door opening slightly in the boat, only to be scared when Kenji jumps out in an attempt to surprise them,  Ben heads back to the shore, even as Kenji offers to drive the boat to the dock. He manages to get the engine to work just enough to take them to the dock. Ben greets them at the dock, and he notes that he locked the fence around the dock so that they will have some safety.

Kenji floats the idea of having a party on the yacht to the group, even as the rest of the group readily agree. The campers take some to rest and relax, even as Darius works with Brooklynn in an attempt to prank him.. Sammy attempts to give Bumpy some water in order to get closer to her, but is not very successful. Kenji begins to get suspicious of Brooklynn and Darius’s attempts to prank him, but is successfully diverted by the yacht suddenly rocking.

As the Campers investigate, they determine that there is a large hole on the side of the yacht. They decide to head to the docks to attempt to find supplies to patch the boat. Kenji determines that they are attempting to prank him back, and decides he will be prepared.  Sammy discovers gas cans, but they are proven to be empty, even as she is discouraged that Yaz has grown closer to Bumpy. Yaz attempts to scour shipping containers for supplies, even as she loses sight of Bumpy.

Kenji gets lost in the shipping containers, believing that it is part of a prank set up by Brooklynn and Darius, he proceeds to hide in the shipping containers. Darius keeps walking until he reaches the fence, finding a torn section of the fence. Sammy sees a shape in the fog and mistakes it for Bumpy, as she heads towards it . Meanwhile, Brooklynn picks a lock, even as Darius accidently runs into her, and he informs her that the dock area is not safe. They meet up with Ben, even as they hear a dinosaur roaring.

The Ouranosaurus emerge from the fog

It is revealed to be a pair of Ouranosaurs. They begin to roar, pursuing the children. Elsewhere, Yaz runs into one of the animals, as it stalks her.Yaz manages to climb ontop of a shipping container in attempts to evade them, but they quickly follow her, even as they attempt to topple the containers, forcing her to jump to another one.


Bumpy defends Sammy from the attacking Ouranosaurus

Kenji shouts, still thinking he is pursued, even as an Ouranosaurus surprises him, attempting to attack him. He narrowly evades it, even as a crowbar thrown by Yaz manages to encourage his pursuer to stop the pursuit.. Upon seeing an opening, the group attempts to escape, only to realize that Sammy is missing. Sammy has encountered Bumpy, even as an Ouranosaurus attacks her. Bumpy defense her, managing to knock the aggressive animal out, although she loses track of Bumpy after.

She is saved by Yaz from the animal, as the entire group makes a run for the yacht. Kenji manages to distract the Ouranosaur with roman candles, as the group attempts to patch together the hull with duct tape to escape. Darius just barely manages to escape and get on the boat, just as Kenji pilots the boat to safety, but they shortly realize that the Ouranosaurs can swims, and are attacking the boat.

The Ouranosaurs retreat

The Ouranosaurs attempt to board the boat, but the campers scare them off with fireworks, as they cheer in celebration. When morning comes, Yaz reveals to Sammy that she earned Bumpy’s friendship by keeping snacks in her pocket. Darius wonders what the issue is with the animal behavior, even as he notes the island might be out of balance. Elsewhere, a a shadowy creature roars.



  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Ouranosaurus


References/Continuities to Lore:

  • Most of the action takes place near Tiff’s abandoned Yacht
  • Darius notes the Compys have disappeared from Camp
  • Ben mentions being chased by an Allosaurus

Character Notes:

Kenji’s father has a yacht club membership.