Camp Cretaceous Episode Eleven: The Watering Hole


Overhead view of the new Camp

The episode opens with Darius observing a group of sleeping Compys, drawing them in his notebook. They are swiftly scattered by Kenji,  as he and Darius climb up into their finished camp. The group has managed to make a functional shelter, with a working shower, which is safe from most predators. Darius goes to get more water for Kenji’s shower, but calls the group over when he discovers the stream has apparently run dry. As the group tries to investigate, Brooklynn hears the hum again but no one believes her.

Sammy and Yasmina volunteer to go with Brooklynn, while Kenji and Darius go to investigate the source of the river draining. Kenji questions why Darius is so committed to documenting his experiences in the notebook, and Darius begins to explain but is ignored. Kenji is unimpressed, as Darius attempts to engage with him, being cynical as he knows more about the secrets of the island. They come across a waterfall that appears to be non-functional.

Darius and Kenji witness the stegosaurs fighting

Darius and Kenji climb the waterfall, and determine that there is a blockage at the top caused by a fallen tree. They are unsuccessful entirely in removing the tree, as they hear a roaring which proves to be two stegosaurus fighting. Darius has the idea of distracting the Stegosaurus, even as Kenji tries to pull him away, before deciding to help him.  The Stegoaurs charge them, but the kids duck in time, just so that the dinosaurs swinging tail helps free the log, allowing the water to flow again.

Darius and Kenji observe the watering hole

However, the kids narrowly escape the dinosaurs, only to run into a Ceratosaurus. The Ceratosaurus faces down the kids for a few moments, before turning  and walking away in order to head to a newly filled watering hole, where a large group of animals are gathered. Darius encourages Kenji to get closer to the watering hole, despite his clear reluctance. They both drink from the watering hole, as they watch the scene around them, and Kenji finally admits that he enjoys it.  Kenji agrees to stay a little longer to observe the dinosaurs.

The girls continue to investigate the noise, as Yasmina and Sammy talk about their school experiences. Brooklynn attempts to interject, but is not as successful, and so Yasmina attempts to include her in the conversation, although it is revealed that Brooklynn received a fully online education, and has not received much socialization. Before she can continue, they find the frozen flowers from earlier, as they discover that the flowers hide an underground vent.

Brooklynn questions what is powering the vent if there is no power. Sammy compares it to an episode of a TV show she has watched, which it turns out that Brooklynn is a big fan of, much to Yasmina’s bemusement. Sammy encourages all of them to investigate, and the group spreads out, as Yasmina hears a hum which they follow to a genetics laboratory. The girls enter the laboratory, even as Brooklynn questions the many secrets of the park.

Chaos stalks the group

They discover that the laboratory is apparently empty, although they are not alone, as a dinosaur is lurking in the shadows. They come across a piece of stale cake from earlier, even as they come across a photo of Eddie and Dr. Henry Wu. Brooklynn theorizes that Dr. Wu could’ve been working for Mantah Corp. As Brooklynn is upset about finding nothing, they are interrupted by a roar, as Two Baryonyx enter the building. Sammy whispers she named the animals Chaos, Grim, and Limbo. Meanwhile, Chaos closes in on their position, as it passes by them. As Brooklynn crawls away to escape, she finds an envelope, which she takes and finds a number ‘E750’ which she recognizes as being from Wu’s computer. The group is forced to flee as the Baryonx begin to pursue them, although they are too large to both chase after them in the narrow hallways and become stuck, allowing them to escape the building.

However, they are ambushed by Grim, but it chooses to respond to the roars of it’s pack, allowing the others to escape. Brooklynn is afraid she had lost the envelope, but Sammy reveals she found it. Opening the envelope, they discover some strange documents, before deciding to run back to camp after hearing a distant roar.

The group realizes they are not alone on the island.

As the group reconnects back at the camp, they each inform the other group of their various successes in their objectives. The group decide to throw a party inside their nearby camp, even as Kenji presents them with music from a tape recorder he found. As the group begins to celebrate, Sammy points out to the group a meteor shower, as night begins to fall. Just then, they witness what appears to be a campfire burning in the distance.





  • Dr. Grant said that watering holes could become neutral territory under the right conditions for predators and prey.
  • Dr. Henry Wu is theorized by Brooklynn to be working for Mantah Corp.

Character notes;

  • Brooklynn was tutored online throughout all of her education
  • Brooklynn met the queen while making a video.
  • Sammy named the Barynoyx, Chaos, Grim and Limbo.
  • Kenji found Dave’s demos, a song mix that he had made.