Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Eight: Arrival


The episode opens up with the Mantah corp mercenaries led by Daniel Kon and Kenji Kon transporting the captured dinosaurs through the tunnels amidst deactivated BRADS.  Daniel informs his son that they need to talk, letting him know that Bumpy is in the procession because he is aware the campers escaped and needs to motivate them to surrender. Daniel informs the mercenaries to set up camp and take up positions as guards.

Meanwhile, the campers race through the jungle as they try to figure out a plan. Reaching the facility, they see Daniel, Kenji and Hawkes and the other mercenaries enter a building. Ben points out Hawkes is now part of the enemy group. They continue to watch as Daniel finds out about the destruction of the chips and the blueprints. Daniel informs Hawkes and Kenji that there is a backup drive hidden in a BRAD, and they need to reactivate them and find the right one.

Daniel informs Kenji that he is in charge of the compound while the others go to find the flash drive. The campers quickly decide on a plan with Ben following Kenji, and Brooklynn and Darius looking for the Flash Drive while Sammy and Yaz stand guard and flirt with each other. Brooklynn and Darius come in just in time saying that they know where to look as they run off. Daniel arrives shortly afterword, frustrated that the children changed the password. He tells the mercenaries to chase after the kids and bring them back.

Elsewhere, Ben comes across two of the mercs playing with the controllers to manipulate and torture Toro and Bumpy. Kenji sneaks up behind him asking what the plan is, and the two of them scuffle before Kenji is able to apologize, claiming to have switched sides. Kenji reassures Ben that they will get Bumpy back together.

Kenji approaches the mercs, claiming to have been sent by his dad. He distracts them by claiming to have heard a noise, getting them to abandon the controllers and leads them away. As they are distracted, Ben runs to the clearing and approaches Bumpy. However, the control chip is too strong, and she is unable to move, he attempts to appeal to the Ankylosaur with pleading and food. Ben refuses to use the controller to move her, and Bumpy approaches him menacingly as a merc has controlled her with a controller behind them.

The merc forces Bumpy to attack the two of them as the children run for their lives. Kenji attempts to charge the man, but is grabbed by another Merc as Ben is cornered by Bumpy. Nearly beaten, Kenji tries to break free but is recaptured. Ben makes a final plea to Bumpy, but just then, Bumpy manages to resist the chip. Kenji uses a moment of distraction to tackle the merc and break the controller. Now free, Bumpy and Ben charge the mercs, chasing them out of the containment area.

The rest of the campers go to the swamp biome to track down the BRADS, and begin checking them for the drive. They find nothing and move on, as they are watched by Hawkes and the other mercenaries who follow them. The campers head to the arctic biome, but are again unsuccessful and move on. The children move to the tunnels, then onto the desert.

They are aware of the fact they are being followed, but decide to take the risk. Hawkes and the mercs lose sight of the children but accidently wake up the Spinosaur, fleeing for their lives. The children use this moment to flee, and they find the flash drive in the desert. However, they have to flee as the Spinosaur chases them, with it being revealed that Hakwes has managed to chip the animal and is now in control of it.

Hawkes sets the Spino on the children as they flee. While the children are distracted, a merc retrieves the flash drive but the kids manage to escape into the tunnels. Darius blows the circuit on the doors, as they regroup and make plans to meet up later.  Elsewhere, Hawkes returns the flash drive to Daniel, but he informs him that he needs the kids for the password.  The episode ends as Ben and Bumpy return Kenji to the main group.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Baryonyx
  2. Ankylosaurus
  3. Dimorphodon
  4. Carnotaurus
  5. Spinosaurus


  1. Yazmina Fadoula
  2. Ben Pincus
  3. Sammy Guitierrez
  4. Brooklynn
  5. Darius Bowman
  6. Kenji Kon
  7. Daniel Kon
  8. Hawkes
  9. B.R.A.D.
  10. Toro
  11. Bumpy