Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty Five : The Leap



The episode begins with the children sharing a moment of peace as they ponder what to do next. Darius decides to herd the dinosaurs on Mantah Island to the watering hole. They decide to plug a nearby drain so that the entire area will fill with water. The children each choose different objectives as they decide to work together on this mission.

Sammy, Darius and Brooklynn work on gathering resources, but are distracted by the sound of Big Eatie and Little Eatie playing nearby. Darius decides to distract the dinosaurs so that they won’t bother them while trying to complete the drain. Brooklynn runs over to assist him, leaving Sammy to gather the materials for the drain herself.

Darius and Brooklynn manage to lure the Rexes to a tree observation post, narrowly managing to escape on the deck. The pair appear to be safe, until they hear the screeching of Pteranodons above them. Darius has an idea to alert the flying reptiles with thrown pinecones. The Pteranodons become angry, swooping low, and attracting the attention of the Rexes, become pursued by them instead. This allows Darius and Brooklynn to escape.

Elsewhere, Ben and Yaz escort the Spinoceratops hybrids into the forest biome, where they encounter Pierce, the Kentrosaurus. After completing this mission, Ben and Yaz search for Firecracker, the Juvenile brachiosaurs, and after finding him, they decide to lead the herbivores to the watering hole with berries. As they walk, Yaz confides in Ben about her feelings for Sammy.

They continue to walk and share their feelings before they run into a pair of Dilophosaurs. Fleeing from the animals with the juvenile Brachiosaur, they evade their spit, as they escape through the mangroves. They carefully lead the herbivores the rest of the way to the watering hole.

Sammy finishes the drain, but realizes that merely stopping the flow of the river isn’t enough to expand the watering hole. She then attempts to reach the waterfall to increase the flow of water, climbing a tree to reach the top. Reaching the top, Sammy finds an access tunnel near the river, and heads down the hatch to try to find a water control valve. Finding it, she attempts to turn it, but snaps it off. Just then, she sees a surviving BRAD that had escaped destruction.  Despite her fear, she manages to reattach the handle and begin the operation before the BRAD spots her, and she runs away, tricking the BRAD into breaking the river grate so she can escape.

As Sammy leaves the hatch, she is forced to flee from the Pteranodons, and jumps down the waterfall, into the newly created watering hole. The rest of the group arrive to find out that Sammy was successful. This is further proven as the Eatie pair arrive at the watering hole and proceed to peacefully coexist with the other dinosaurs. The group play in the watering hole, as Sammy and Yaz share a moment.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  2. Spinoceratops
  3. Kentrosaurus
  4. Brachiosaurus
  5. Dilophosaurus
  6. Pteranodon