Camp Cretaceous Episode Forty: The Final Test  


The episode begins with the campers all eating breakfast in the main facility lobby as they plan for the day. Darius and Brooklynn discuss their distrust of Kenji’s father, although they do not have any proof, quieting as Kenji approaches. Brooklynn and Darius sit with Kenji, as they subtly ask him what Darius is up to, finding out that Kenji was invited to the investor party. Brooklynn offers to help, but Kenji declines.

Brooklynn and Darius decide to try to determine what Daniel is up to. Ben overhears them, and offers to bring the baby Brachiosaurus to track him down. They follow Ben. Elsewhere, Dr. Turner performs work under the watchful eye of Daniel Kon and Kash, when they find the children on the monitors. Daniel orders Dr. Turner to distract the children, as she exits the door, dissuading them from what they are planning.

Behind the children, Daniel has armed a B.R.A.D., aiming at the children. Suddenly the Brachiosaur bowls past Dr. Turner, enabling her with an excuse to order the kids to leave, which they reluctantly do so. As she returns to the lab, Kash informs the group that he has perfected the control chips.  As the children are walking back from the labs, they have the idea to go to the nursery to find more information.

Back in the facility,  Kenji informs Sammy and Yaz that he is planning a date with Brooklynn. The two girls offer to assist him in his romantic planning. Kenji sets a scene up for the investors, and is approached by his father, insisting that he go to the investor meeting. Kenji pushes back slightly, saying that he has a date. Daniel seems to accept this, and walks away for the moment.  As he returns to the Room, he is visibly impressed by the effort that Yaz and Sammy have put forward for the date, however they recommend that he change his clothes.

Daniel forces Mae to work on the control chips

Brooklynn, Darius and Ben sneak into the tunnels, but find that a BRAD is apparently guarding the room where Kash was imprisoned. Entering, they find that Kash is gone, so they check the computer to try to determine if they can find him. Following the location of drones on a monitor, they find Big Eatie being tortured by drones directed by Kash while Dr. Turner watches helplessly.

The investors arrive on the Island

Meanwhile at the docks, three investors arrive on Mantah Corp Island, and are greeted by Daniel Kon. Returning from the docks, Daniel presents Kenji with a suit for the investor presentation, and his son happily accepts it, believing it to be for the date. Leaving the room, Daniel checks his surveillance, finding the locations of the kids easily. Kenji presents his suit to Sammy and Yaz, and they express their best wishes for him in terms of his upcoming date.

Walking back from the scene, the children ponder how to break the news to Kenji about Kash controlling dinosaurs again. However, before they are able to decide, they are pursued and chased by a pair of velociraptors. Although the raptors charge them, they are blocked by the drone sonic barriers. The children are forced to carefully follow the drones movements in order to evade attack by the dinosaurs.

Little Eatie prepares to attack the campers

At the investor presentation, the investors began to mingle between themselves, as Daniel approaches the group. Daniel excuses himself from the investors to adjust the controls to utilize Little Eatie to scare them away from the facility. However, the campers manage to find a small loophole towards the facility. Little eatie charges them, but they barely evade her due to the shield.  The kids carefully straddle the perimeter of the facility, even as Little Eatie menances them the entire way. They barely find their way inside, only to find that Kenji has already left.

Kenji socializes with the investors

Elsewhere, Kenji believes that Brooklynn has stood him up. Daniel gives him a pep talk, and encourages him to go with him instead to the investor meeting. Daniel introduces Kenji to the investors. As Kenji enjoys the company of the investors, the other campers watch from afar, realizing the difficulty of making Kenji believe them.

Back on the mainland, Brand bowman is seen talking via video chat to some people about his brother being alive. It is revealed that these people are Dave and Roxie, and they believe his story.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric Animals

  1. Kentrosaurus
  2. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  3. Velociraptor