Camp Cretaceous Episode Fourteen: Misguided


The episode opens up with Kenji and Brooklynn  still in shock from the reveal of Ben and Bumpy’s survival. Kenji and Brooklynn embrace him, even as they realize that they need to deal with Hap. Ben ties Hap up, as he fills the two of them on what he has been up to. While they debate what to do with the couple, Hap wakes up, and confronts Ben, before Brooklynn attempts to calm everyone down.

The campers Interrogate Hap

The group begin to interrogate Hap, with Ben leading the questioning.  He attempts to intimidate Hap, but is so unsuccessful, so Brooklynn questioning him. Hap claims that Mitch and Tiff were always going to abandon them, and he offers them a chance to get back home. Hap informs them that they have a chance to get to the northwest dock if they agree to follow him. The group discuss what to do, even as Brooklynn decides to take Hap with them, leading him on a halter so that they can be sure he will be compliant.

Hap attempts to forge a connection with Brooklynn, but she rebuffs him, reiterating that she is still suspicious of him. The group come across the garage, although Bumpy has a bad reaction, even as a dinosaur growls nearby. As Brooklynn peers around a corner, she finds the Baryonyx trio, Chaos, Grim and Limbo, roaming nearby. The Baryonyx trio are alerted by Bumpy, even as Kenji tries to open the door, but it is activated by Brooklynn’s keycard.

The Campers escape as the Garage explodes

The group escape into the garage just as the Baryonyx trio nearly find them.  Seeing the garage apparently empty, Brooklynn decides to use her key on a hidden door in the garage, which unlocks and inadvertently opens the main door. Attempting to make a distraction as the Baryonynx charge the door, Brooklynn and Kenji ride the motorbike, with Hap in the sidecar, while Ben escapes with Bumpy. The garage explodes, stunning the Baryonyx, so that the group can get away.

Hap is surrounded by the Baryonyx

Ben veers off road attempting to distract them, even as the trio continues to be pursued, they are chased through a host of obstacles, including a cluster of narrow rocks. Seeing that they are outnumbered, Hap begs them to untie him, and he is untied by Kenji as he uses the shock stick against the Baryonyx. Seeing this is still not good enough, Hap unlocks the sidecar, staying behind as he is confronted by the Baryonyx, allowing Kenji and Brooklynn to get away.

Back at the Hunter Camp, Mitch and Tiff begin to pack as they prepare to look for the others. The campers begin to question things, even as the adults blow them off, refusing to answer their questions. However, Darius continues to trust in them, despite the others misgivings. While Sammy and Yasmina distract them, Darius makes to sneak into Hap’s tent, even as he finds weaponry such as knives, machetes, traps inside. He finds a dinosaur head under a sheet, causing him to fall down frightened.

Mitch catches him, and as Darius questions him, he admits that they are not eco-tourists, but big-game hunters. Mitch confirms he didn’t come because he got the distress beacon, the dinosaurs being his real objective. Mitch claims to be wanting to preserve the memory of Jurassic World by hunting them. Darius doesn’t believe him, so Mitch and Tiff threaten to leave them on the Island unless they help them capture the dinosaur.

Mitch and Tiff hunting the Stegosaur

Darius and the other campers are forced to accompany Mitch and Tiff to the watering hole. Yasmina feigns to still be bothered by her injury as she falls, with Sammy helping her. As they rest temporarily, they discuss what to do, as Darius reluctantly states they have no choice. As night falls, the hunters prepare their weaponry, even as the group witnesses Stegosaurus entering the clearing. Mitch and Tiff prepare to take the shot, even as Darius decides to alert the Stegosaurus by whistling.

Yasmina shows the group the Map

The Stegosaurus charges the group, and the campers run away in the confusion, even as they are pursued by the Stegosaurs.  They do not get far as Sammy is knocked down with the case, and the others are quickly grabbed. Sammy attacks Tiff, allowing Yasmina to get away with a message. Tiff threatens the pair with an electrical prod, even as Yasmina runs into Brooklynn and Kenji informing them of the danger. However, Yasmina shows them the map, informing them that Darius is really leading them to Main Street.



  1. Darius Bowman
  2. Brooklynn
  3. Kenji Kon
  4. Sammy Guiterrez
  5. Ben Pincus
  6. Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula
  7. Bumpy
  8. Mitch
  9. Tiff
  10. Hap
  11. Grim
  12. Chaos
  13. Limbo
  14. Rexy



  • Mitch bought an ACU tablet off the black market to try to track the dinosaurs.
  • Mitch claims Isla Nublar is under UN quarantine