Camp Cretaceous Episode Nine: A Beacon of Hope


The Brachiosaurus roams through the park

The episode opens up with dinosaurs roaming through the ruins of Jurassic World including Ankylosaurus, Compsognathus, Brachiosaurus, Sinoceratops, Stegosaurus Pteranodon, and Blue.  Darius, Kenji , Sammy, Brooklynn, and Yasmina are running from a Parasaurolphus. However, it is suddenly stalked and attacked by the Tyrannosaurus, as the Children duck to find cover behind a fallen log. Darius witnesses the Tyrannosaur dragging its kill away, as the campers have a moment to rest.

The campers decide to try and find a place to eat and rest, as Yasmina is still injured. Darius sees the visitor’s center and decides to try to call for help on Main Street and get supplies.  The campers arrive to find that Main Street has been abandoned and largely in ruins due to the fight between the Indominus and the Tyrannosaurus. Looking down at the broken fencing at the Mosaurus Lagoon, they deduce that it has been killed by the Mosasaurus.

The Campers discover a standee of Brooklynn

Meanwhile Sammy brings up that there is a standee of Brooklynn on Main Street, which was used for marketing in Jurassic World. Kenji takes the moment to jokingly ask Brooklynn to autograph a phone charger on sale for him. Darius leads the charge through the destroyed shops to look for a way to communicate. They quickly deduce there is no power, as the phones aren’t working. Meanwhile, Kenji finds walkie talkies that they can use to talk to each other. Sammy find’s an Insider’s guide to Jurassic World book in the store, with a comprehensive list of details about the park. Brooklynn manages to find a working camera to document the things she has seen.

Still reading from the guidebook, Sammy finds out about an EDB, or Emergency Distress Beacon, installed on Main Street which can send an SOS signal on all directions. Darius then states the groups new mission is to find the beacon. As the group spreads out to find it, Brooklynn begins to document herself and the campers searching on Main Street utilizing Kenji as a cameraman. Kenji finds a scooter rental, as various campers use the scooters to be able to ride and document themselves more efficiently throughout the street.

Sammy watching the Compys go after their food

As the campers continue to search, the Tyrannosaurus stalks towards Main Street. Kenji finds frozen pizzas for food, although they are unable to eat it as it has not thawed. However, as they leave the food to thaw, it attracts Compys, and the group is forced to throw it away to distract the scavengers.  As Darius tries to brainstorm, he sees a figure and chases it down, embracing it when it is revealed to be Ben. Ben accuses him of letting him go where he flashes back to Ben exhorting him to let him go, then his father. He is woken up from his nightmare by Brooklynn, as the group is exhausted from searching.

The Campers discover the Rex Nest

Darius becomes despondent, wanting to find the beacon, as Yasmina tries to motivate him by telling him to try harder and exercise. Darius states that it is not fun for him, so he and Yasmina go instead to the Jurassic World Discovery Walk as he is excited to see the fun facts on the various plaques. As he reads one about camouflage, he has a sudden inspiration where the beacon is. So the campers now attempt to look for camoflauged items in hopes of finding the beacon. They find a broken pole, and determine it has been dragged off into the T-Rex Kingdom, quickly realizing that the Tyrannosaur is gathering them to make a nest.

The Campers realize that the Rex has pulled the beacon in the center of its nest. The campers despair, but Darius tries to figure out a solution. As the Tyrannosaur leaves to gather more supplies, Sammy and Yasmina stay behind to recon while Darius and Kenji go in, communicating with walkie talkies, in case of anything going wrong. They climb the nest, even as Kenji complains the entire time. Darius and Sammy realize they just need to activate the beacon, even as Sammy realizes that the Rex is right under where she has been hiding. Kenji and Darius pry the housing open, even as Sammy warns them that the Rex is headed back to the lair.

The Rex Attacks the standee

Yasmina and Brooklynn realize they need to stall the Rex to buy time even as it approaches the nest. Meanwhile, Darius and Kenji get the housing open just as the Rex approaches. Brooklynn stalls the Rex by distracting it while standing in the middle of the street. Sensing prey, the rex charges and smashes the Brooklynn standee, while the real Brooklynn records the attack from safety. Darius and the others activate the beacon and run for safety. Darius reassures the group that they need to stay somewhere safe until rescue arrive. As the episode ends, the beacon lights up, signaling that the signal has been received.




References/continuities to Lore

  • Aircraft are not allowed to fly over the Island. 
  • According to the guidebook, things in the park are disguised to keep up the natural illusion of Jurassic World
  • The campers witness the ruins of main street from the fight between the Indominus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Character notes:

  • There is a standee of Brooklynn on Main Street, which was used for marketing in Jurassic World. Brooklynn mentions that she agreed to it as part of her influencer status.