Camp Cretaceous Episode One: Pilot


Isla Sorna map in the opening video game scene

The episode opens up in a VR video game, set on Isla Sorna of a team chased by raptors. The player character is following a guide to a chopper for extraction, but before he can reach it, he is killed by velociraptors. As the player reacts to this death, he is killed by a t-rex. It’s revealed to be a game played by Darius Bowman.

Darius’s and his father

Darius Bowman has a conversation with his brother Brand, on the futility of playing the game, as it is purposely designed to be hard. Winning the game would earn the winner a free trip to Jurassic World. After a night’s rest, Darius awakens with inspiration on how to beat the game, as he resumes from the previous save point, and runs back to a dino graveyard, using the raptor flute to encourage raptors to attack an approaching t-rex. This allows him to win the game, and he is met with a cinematic announcing him as winning a prize to go to Camp Cretaceous.

Five of the Campers on the docks

The episode then cuts to Isla Nublar, with Dave and Roxie, the head counselor greeting five of the campers, including Darius, on the docks. The sixth camper, Kenji, arrives shortly after, via helicopter. As the campers head towards the main camp, Brooklyn has the campers all introduce themselves for her blog. Sammy introduces herself as a huge fan of Brooklynn, and her sponsorship to the park is due to her family being the main beef provider for the park. (Brooklander is Brooklynn’s online fandom, 27 million followers)

The Compy jumps on Darius

The group pauses as Dave and Roxie exit the truck looking for an escaped compy that crossed the road. It is hiding in a nearby bush, and jumps on Darius, before it is caught and captured by Roxie. After this incident, the campers arrive at the Camp. Roxie boasts that the camp will be able to eventually host 500 kids and 150 staff at max capacity as the campers set up. Roxie and Dave give the ground rules (Curfew at 8pm, bedtime at 9pm) Told to keep distance from dinosaurs.

As the compy is taken back to his pen, Darius protests that he didn’t get a closer look, but is told by his counselor that they will soon. Before bedtime, the campers get a view of the herbivorous dinosaurs as they are being led to their enclosures, and all get a chance to ride the zip line. Ben goes first, much to his consternation, then the rest. That night, they get settled into their camp bunks which is set in a treetop area high above the ground.

Before bed, Darius attempts to explore the camp area, but is interrupted by Ken, who brags about his family being rich and owning condos on the island. Ken attempts to bully him, but Brooklyn’s intrusion distracts him. The three decide to sneak out to sneak into what they assume is the compy enclosure (It’s the raptor enclosure).

As they get there, Ken and Brooklyn fight over the phone which results in it’s falling into the enclosure. Ken attempts to sneak into the enclosure after retrieving the phone, despite Darius’s and Brooklynn’s warnings that it was not the compy pen. He nearly gets attacked by Blue, who is startled and agitated by him taking a picture with the camera phone. As the raptor stalks him, Darius distracts Blue, while Brooklynn attempts to open the gate. Delta, Echo, and Charlie join Blue to corner Darius and Ken as the episode cuts to a cliffhanger.




References/continuities to Lore

  • Sorna map in opening game sequence
  • The raptor flute is also shown in the game

Character notes:

  • Sammy claims to be a huge fan of Brooklynn, and her family owns a ranch.