Camp Cretaceous Episode Seventeen: View From the Top


The episode opens up with the children attempting escape from Isla Nublar upon a makeshift raft, even as they wave goodbye to Bumpy. Kenji and Sammy eagerly bid farewell to the island, just as the waves begin to increase in intensity. The group’s raft is destroyed after a large wave, and the group dejectedly walks back to the Camp, even as Ben happily reunites with Bumpy.

Darius confers with the others about their plans

The children, led by Darius addresses the other campers in a group roundtable, attempting to assess what escape plans worked, and which didn’t. Brooklynn points out that they are out of options, as they had already run through options such as Kayaks, and Gyrospheres to escape the island by sea. It is revealed that the group crashed a helicopter in an attempt to try and escape being one of Yasmina’s ideas, and Brooklynn’s failed idea being to go to the tunnel sin search of a phone.

Lookout Point from the ground.

As Darius asks for ideas, the group eventually decides that a raft is the way to go. Kenji brings up that there are Hang Gliders at Lookout Point to the mountains. Darius gets excited, and Kenji points out that they could use it as a sail. The group uses the Sky Gondolas to be able to reach the lookout point. Ben stays behind on the ground with Bumpy, and even as Brooklynn and Yasmina awkwardly share a lift. Darius stays behind with Ben, as he is concerned about him.

Darius questions Ben., believing him to be upset about something, but is not met with a straight answer. Elsewhere, a Ceratosaurus is attacked by a unseen dinosaur, and the roar is heard by the pair of them in the distance. Ben states he does not wish to leave Bumpy alone on the Island.

Brookylnn and Yasmina verbally spar within the lift, even as Sammy and Kenji bond over rocking their own lift.  As the other half of the group gets to Lookout Point, they survey the view from the top,. Brooklynn and Yaz argue over who will retrieve the hang gliders.  As Yaz seeks a rock to break the lock on the hang gliders, Sammy calls Kenji over to see something through the goggles, even as Yasmina realizes that there is a nest on the grounds, as a Dimorphodon attacks.

The Dimorphodon calls for Backup

As the children  try to flee, more Dimorphodons attack, leaving them with no other option to escape but the Gondolas. Kenji and Sammy flee into one, barely managing to escape, even as Yasmina and Brooklynn are seemingly cornered. Trapped, they realize that they need to use the Hang Gliders to be able to escape, even as the Dimorphodons pursue them.

Yaz and Brooklynn escape via Hang Glider

The girls manage to evade the Dimorphodon briefly, but are attacked by one, barely managing to survive even as the hang glider is ruined. On the ground, Bumpy attacks a Dimorphodon in self-defense as it attempts to attack the children, and the combined trio manage to scare it away.

The Campers find the Poachers abandoned Boat

As the group reconnects, they are excited to be able to have found Mitch and Tiff’s abandoned boat, deciding to use it as an escape vehicle.  The episode ends as the dead Ceratosaurus is dragged away by an unseen animal, as it roars in triumph.




  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Pteranaodon
  3. Stegosaurus
  4. Parasaurolophus
  5. Brachiosaurus
  6. Ceratosaurus
  7. Dimorphodon
  8. E750/Scorpius Rex


References/Continuities to Lore:

The Gondola Lift is able to operate without power due to being powered by Solar energy.