Camp Cretaceous Episode Six: Welcome to Jurassic World


The episode opens up with the crashed ACU van, as the campers are recovering from their injuries. Yasmina storms off, as Sammy runs after her, pleading with her to wait. However, the group turns on Sammy for her lies. Feeling the pressure, Sammy admits that she is a spy for Mantah Corp, having been forced too after her family’s ranch borrowed money from fronts for Mantah Corp. She claims she is being blackmailed, and her family will lose the ranch unless she acts as a spy.

The Campers witness Simon Masrani’s helicopter being attacked

Sammy attempts to apologize, but the group, particularly Yas, refuses to accept her apology. Sammy runs off, while the campers regroup and attempt to determine a new course of action. They are interrupted by the Indominus as it is pursued by the helicopter piloted by Simon Masrani. The helicopter pursues the Indominus to the Aviary, as it breaks in and frees the Pteranodons. The campers watch helpless, as the Pteranodons force the helicopter to crash, causing Simon Masrani’s death, just before the pteranodons turn on them as well.

Kenji grabs the tablet and determines that the Kayak River is the best place to hide, as it would be underground and provide relative safety. The group run from the Pteranodons, even as Bumpy, Darius and Ben struggle to get to safety. The campers just barely escape, managing to lock the door behind them. They decide to use the Kayaks in the attraction to navigate the river, as there are two people per kayak.

Meanwhile, Roxie and Dave attempt to reach Darius over the radio, even as scientists around them evacuate. Roxie tries unsuccessfully at first to alert the HQ to the kids outside of the containment area, then Dave tries as well, before HQ hangs up on them. They proceed to steal a park vehicle in an attempt to pursue the kids.

The Campers find a group of bio-luminescent Parasaurolophus

The campers encounter a cave lit by bioluminescent bacteria, and a large waterfall. Brooklynn tries to deflect the blame for their situation on Sammy, however, Kenji states that their situation might have been the same regardless. Sammy admits to Darius that her parents didn’t send her to spy, as they had said no to Mantah Corp, but that she had contacted the agent herself, as she didn’t want her family to lose everything.

The group then encounters some Parasaurolophus in the underground river, as Yasmina argues with Ben regarding Bumpy. The Parasaurs become agitated by Bumpy’s cries, starting to attack the Kayaks, before they abruptly flee. The group are then almost sucked into a side tunnel due to a strong current, which expels them into the Mosasaurus Lagoon. The Mosasaur begins circling them, and so the campers make for the safety of the spectator stands.

The Mosasaur attacks Yasmina

Roxie and Dave reach the entrance to the River Adventure, but after checking their tablet, they realize that the campers are in the lagoon, and race back. Elsewhere, Kenji and Brooklynn make it to the ladder, as the rest of the group are still too far away. Yasmina jumps out of the kayak onto a center platform to create a distraction, admonishing Ben to get to safety with Bumpy. Just as the Mosasaurus is about to bear down on Sammy and Darius, Yasmina successfully diverts its attention by whacking the platform with an oar. As the rest of the campers make it to safety, the Mosasaurus proceeds to attack Yasmina, however Kenji manipulates the feeding controls, so that it hoists up the feeder chain. Kenji then proceeds to reel it in, as the mosasaur lunges, narrowly missing her.

The campers look out over the lagoon

This severs the chain in the process, sending Yasmina’s tablet falling into the lagoon, even as she roughly lands to safety. As the counselor’s pursue the tablet signal, but are dismayed to find that the signal has stopped. The campers rest on the stands as the sun sets. Sammy attempts to apologize to Yasmina, but is again rebuffed, although Brooklynn mends fences with her. The episode ends as the campers react to the sound of sirens around the park.




References/continuities to Lore:

  • Mantah Corp is a bioengineering company that are rivals with Masrani, tried to make dinosaurs too, but Dr. Wu beat them to it.
  • The Camper’s witness Simon Masrani’s pursuit of the Indominus Rex in the helicopter before its crash in the aviary.
  • The Parasaurolophus are bioluminescent due to Wu genetic manipulation.