Camp Cretaceous Episode Sixteen: Chaos Theory


The episode opens with the Tyrannosaur continuing to roar at the hologram in front of the Innovation center, before walking off. Meanwhile, Darius and Sammy try unsuccessfully to alert the others back at the control room regarding Mitch and Tiff’s plans to hunt the dinosaurs. Darius resolves to go by himself, exhorting Sammy to gather the others. Meanwhile, Ben informs Sammy and Darius that he and Bumpy are still alive. The group resolves to work together to foil the hunter’s plot.

Brooklynn stays behind at the control center, as Kenji runs to pick up Darius and Sammy on the motorbike, and he swiftly catches up with them.. Elsewhere Ben, Bumpy, and Yasmina break into a garage, which enables Yasmina to utilize a car. Brooklynn successfully labels every person on the map so she can follow along with everyone’s movements.

As Mitch and Tiff make their way to the watering hole, they continue to argue, even as they pass by the Baryonx trio. The pair are frustrated as they find that their path is blocked by a fence. Tiff attempts to climb through the fence, only to be repelled by the electricity coursing through the fence. As she stumbles backwards, Brooklynn taunts them through the PA system, informing them that all the fences are electrified. As Mitch is dismayed, Tiff attempts to reassure him they will succeed in their hunt.

Tiff shoots Grim

Just then, the pair are ambushed by one of the Baryonx trio. However, Tiff manages to push Mitch away and shoots the Baryonx, Grim, dead. The pair abandon the dead Baryonyx, declaring their intention to return for it after the watering hole. As they depart, Chaos and Limbo approach their fallen comrade,lingering over the body, before starting to track Mitch and Tiff’s last known path.

Meanwhile, Kenji, Darius and Sammy follow the tracks on their bike, even as Kenji has considerable difficulty keeping it steady. Back at the control room, Brooklynn witnesses Mitch and Tiff shorting out the fence power, before breaking a camera. She follows the movements of the others, being able to inform them that it will be easier to take a shortcut through the tunnels to reach them. Darius disembarks from the bike, deciding to go in the tunnel by himself, encouraging the others to go off on their own.

Mitch aiming at Blue

As Brooklynn frantically checks the cameras, she sees a locked door on the cameras saying E750, before seeing a Gyrosphere in storage, deciding to run for it. Elsewhere, Mitch and Tiff reach the Watering Hole, as Mitch sets his sights on Blue, about to pull the trigger just as Darius startles them. Mitch attempts to bargain with him, asking him to get out of the way, and even offering to rescue him. However, Darius stands his ground even as the pair approach him.

Just then, the hunters are barreled into by Brooklynn riding a gyrosphere, falling to the floor. Darius kicks the rifle away, as Brooklynn and he reconnect. However, they are interrupted by Mitch and Tiff who have gotten up, threatening them with the guns. Just then, the rest of the campers arrive, using their vehicles to scare the dinosaurs away from the watering hole. They are successful in this endeavor, and Darius and Brooklynn use their moment of distraction to escape in the Gyrosphere. As the other campers celebrate their apparent victory, they realize that the herd has turned around, and is stampeding in their direction, fleeing from the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The group flees as well, although Yasmina has difficulty starting the car, and she jumps on Bumpy’s back to escape the stampede.

The Rex attempts to attack the kids

The Rex pursues the campers, attempting to attack Bumpy, and by extension Sammy, Ben, and Yasmina, who are riding on top. They manage to evade the animal for the moment by winding their way though the herd, even as Darius and Brooklyn crash their gyrosphere, causing it to lose power. As Mitch and Tiff catch up to them, they begin to threaten them, but just then Mitch informs them that the tablet states that there are a herd of animals coming their way. The hunters flee, even as the children panic, trying to turn the gyrosphere back on.

Mitch’s final moments

The gyrosphere is knocked in many directions by the stampeding herd, and the power is turned back on. Meanwhile, the hunters attempt to climb a tree to escape, just barely managing to evade the herd. Tiff is dismayed that her rifle is broken due to the stampede, and Mitch is caught in a trap, and is left hanging suspended upside down by his wife, as the Tyrannosaur approaches. Tiff grabs his keys and hands him the gun, as the Rex approaches. Mitch attempts to shoot the Rex, although the gun jams, and he screams just before he is eaten.

Tiff’s final moments

Brooklynn and Darius rapidly drive through the jungle, heading for the dock where the boat is. However, Tiff reaches the dock first, making a break for the boat. As she steers the boat away from the dock, she believes she has gotten away, taunting the children that she will never tell anyone that the children are still on the island. As she is still gloating, she looks up to see Chaos and Limbo have snuck on the boat, staring outside the window. Shortly afterwards, they break through the glass and kill her.

E750 breaks containment

Darius and Brooklynn are met at the docks by Kenji, who collapses tiredly, and the rest of the campers and Bumpy soon follow. Darius embraces Ben, and the rest of the group follows suit. Darius announces to the group his plan to find their own way off the island. The episode ends with a montage of dinosaurs roaming the island, including Compys managing to bite through the power cables in the tunnels, shorting out power throughout the island, including that of the door labeled ‘E750’, which triggers an alert.



  1. Darius Bowman
  2. Brooklynn
  3. Kenji Kon
  4. Sammy Guiterrez
  5. Ben Pincus
  6. Yasmina ‘Yaz’ Fadoula
  7. Bumpy
  8. Mitch
  9. Tiff
  10. Grim
  11. Chaos
  12. Limbo
  13. Rexy
  14. Blue


Character notes;

  • Mitch’s full name is Mitchell
  • Tiff’s full name is Tiffany