Camp Cretaceous Episode Ten: The Art of Chill


The episode opens with Darius observing two Baryonyx running through the jungle, as well as some Pteranodons flying through the air. The rest of the group is resting, still tired from attempting to find shelter. Darius informs the group once he gets down that they can’t head east as the Pteranodons are nesting in the Eastern mountains. Brooklynn indicates that they’ve already crossed out the Mountains, Grassland, and the jungle as safe refuges because of the threat of dinosaurs. They also cannot move to the penthouse as Kenji’s dad changed the locks due to his failing algebra.

The campers return to the park

They decide to go somewhere safe while they wait for help. Darius suggests going to the ruins of Camp Cretaceous, as it does have amenities such as a fresh water stream, supplies to build a shelter, and it would be the first place rescuers would look.  Darius defers to Brooklynn for expertise in building a shelter, as she did a video about raising a barn. Yasmina attempts to help with the building, but falls due to her injury. Darius decides to see if there are medical supplies at a nearby clinic, and tells Yasmina to rest. Kenji offers to stay behind to ensure she rests.

While they prepare to head out, the group gather broken pieces of wood to defend themselves, as Darius and Sammy observe a stegosaurus plate on the floor. Brooklynn overhears a whirring sound which makes her ask the group if they hear anything, but nobody else hears the noise. As they come across the clinic, the children begin to gather supplies, and come across a treasure trove of canned food, even as Darius finds medical supplies.

The campers come across the caged Sinoceratops

Hearing a roar, the campers discover that there are caged dinosaurs at the clinic, including a Sinoceratops. They realize that the place is a Veterinary clinic and decide to free the dinosaurs as they do not have food or water.  They free a Sinoceratops, then Stegosaurus, and Parasaurolphus. Just then they realize that there is a caged Baryonyx, which is very aggressive upon their approach. Sammy and Darius are at disagreements over whether to free it or leave it. While they argue, Brooklynn hears the noise again but is ignored.

Sammy argues that if they will not free them they have to feed them every day. Darius suggests feeding them the Sinoceratops, but Sammy refuses. Howevever, before they can resolve conflict, Brooklynn asks them to run as the other two Baryonyx chase them. The campers hide as they witness the Chaos trying to free the other one, although they are quickly pursued by Limbo. Darius helps Brooklynn get to the top of a cage to seek shelter from the animal, even as it tries to climb up.

The Baryonyx Trio reunited

Darius has the idea of telling Sammy to free the other Stegosaurus to distract the Baryonx, and it succeeds in scaring them out of the immediate area. However, Darius runs to attempt to free the remaining Baryonyx, which rejoins its family, even as they manage to scare the Stegosaurus, forcing the campers to flee the area.

In the meantime, Kenji works through the task of trying to look for supplies, but gives it the bare minimal effort before he attempts to take a nap. Confronting him, Yasmina attempts to coerce him to do it, although Kenji tells her he will con the others into gather supplies. Yasmina begrudgingly sits with him by his resting tree before leaving as soon as he looks away. Kenji reluctantly goes after her.  As Kenji follows Yasmina, he discovers she has a plan to move the debris away. He tries to call her out for not resting. Yasmina argues that she has a strong competitive spirit and determination and calls him out for being lazy.

Kenji carries Yasmina

However, as she tries to move without a crutch, she falls, and realizes she sprained her leg worse.  Kenji carries Yasmina on his back, to the camp briefly, as they continue to argue. Yasmina tries to limp away by herself, as Kenji attempts to apologize. Yasmina confides in him that she feels useless, as Kenji tries to reassure her. Eventually, he ends up carrying her all the way back to camp, where they decide to rest.

Brooklynn finds a batch of frozen flowers near camp

The campers run back to the camp, reuniting with Kenji and Yasmina, as they seek shelter in the trees to escape from the stampede.  Darius has an idea of building a treehouse, and Yasmina creates a plan for it that the entire camp likes. As she rests, the episode ends with ther group building a camp for themselves, and Sammy returns Darius’s dinosaur tooth to him that she found in the wreckage. As Brooklynn is gathering supplies, she hears the noise again, and attempts to investigate,  seeing what appears to be a scattering of frozen flowers on the ground near them.





  • Stegosaurus apparently shed their plates.
  • Sammy names the Sinoceratops Maria.

Character information:

  • Kenji’s dad changed the locks on the penthouse after he failed algebra.
  • Brooklynn did a video helping to raise a barn titled ‘unboxing amish country’.
  • Sammy and her sister competed to see how many deer sheds they could find at home.
  • Kenji never cleaned his room, he just let his father’s maids to do it for him.
  • Yasmina- Three time state track champ, four times placing at nationals, twice in international world track competition