Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirteen: Brave


The episode opens up in flashback to Ben falling off the monorail, as he is attacked and carried off by Pteranodons. Falling to the floor, Ben is awoken by Bumpy licking his face, as he is still very injured from his fall. Embracing Bumpy, he takes stock of his situation, realizing that he is alone for the moment, after calling out without an answer.

Bumpy defends Ben from the Compys

He is ambushed by a flock of Compys, which start to close in on his position, and Darius is about to give up, but bumpy manages to defend him against the predators. He believes that they are waiting for him at the ferry, but is unsure how to get there. Realizing he has no map or other supplies, he passes out again, awoken by Bumpy. He believes they may have already gotten off the island, and determines to activate the emergency beacon, but not before attempting to take stock of his location by climbing a tree.

However, he changes his mind after getting a splinter and decides to follow the path, becoming intimidated by the sound of distant roars. After climbing some rocks, he becomes frightened at reaching a dead end and tries another route, but changes his mind again after hearing a roar. He tries several other routes, becoming increasingly tired, as he is excited to finally find a road.

Ben and Bumpy hide from Toro

As he looks around and notices scattered dinosaur bones, he notices Toro approaching him and roaring as it charges him. Bumpy manages to push him out of the way, as the two flee. They are pursued by the Carnotaur until they manage to lose it by hiding behind a rock face. Frustrated at apparently missing it’s prey, the dinosaur leaves, even as Ben sighs in relief and breaks down crying. Going back to the path, he becomes increasingly frustrated, and decides to make a makeshift shelter, resting inside it with Bumpy.

Ben rests in the makeshift shelter

He is awoken after a fitful night’s sleep by Bumpy, realizing that he is hungry, he decides to follow the Ankylosaurus. Reaching a bush full of berries, he reluctantly tries one, only to spit it out, and decides to take instead from the berries that he witnesses Bumpy eating. He follows Bumpy to a stream, where he manages to quench his thirst, even as he is frightened of a Parasaurolophus wading in the water. The pair return to the shelter, and in the next few days he settles into a routine of foraging for food, and returning to the shelter each day.

Eventually he works up the courage to try and tell Bumpy to give him space, accidently ruining his shelter in the process. Standing up for himself, he causes Bumpy to run away crying. Remaking his shelter, Ben attempts to apologize but doesn’t see Bumpy anywhere. He runs around searching for him fruitlessly. He flees back to the shelter after running into a Compy again, this time deciding to go out and forage for himself before the Compys send him running back to his base. However, he realizes that they are following him every time he attemptss to leave.

Ben challenges the Carnotaurus

Ben breaks down crying at the loss of Bumpy, even as a rainstorm begins to fall, and the Compys begin to invade his Shelter. Ben is about to give up, before he gains a burst of bravery, scaring them away. As time passes, ben has become more acclimated at survival, even to the point of climbing the tree that had frightened him before, and fashioning a spear. He attempts to confront Toro alone with the spear, and the Carnotaur charges him, even as Ben feints, and makes a run for the path. However, Toro circles him, as Ben attempts to stab him with his spear, he falls down and loses it, being quickly cornered, but not before Ben takes hold of its horns and regains the spear, managing to wound it.

Ben and Bumpy fight Toro

Just then, a grown up Bumpy charges through the trees, managing to knock Toro over. Ben and Bumpy jointly managed to scare Toro away, causing it to back up to the point where it falls down a cliff, screaming in pain as it lands. The pair would go down the path together, until they see smoke, coming across Mitch, Tiff and Hap talking about the rest of the campers. Mitch and Tiff reassure Hap that they have a plan to deal with the campers.




Character notes;
Ben’s full name is Ben Fitzgerald Pinkus