Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty Eight: Who’s the Boss?


The episode opens up in the forest biome, as the children celebrate after trapping Kash. Kenji and Brooklynn share a moment together as they decide whether to tell the others about them. Brooklynn and Sammy figure out somethings wrong with the Spinoceratops. They determine that the Spinoceratops are not acclimated to the forest biome, as they decide to try the forest biome. Meanwhile, Ben continues to try and bond with the baby Brachiosaur, with Dr. Mae Turner’s assistance. They decide to try to remove the chip from the animal, and decide to go to the Med Bay.

Kenji and Darius make up for their past disagreements, as he decides to deflect from telling him about Brooklynn. They are interrupted by the BRAD reminding them to feed Kash, as Dr. Turner and Ben walk to the Med Bay and talk about their respective ways of bonding with dinosaurs. Meanwhile Sammy reacts positively to the news of Brooklynn’s new relationship and expresses her support. The girls enter the desert biome, as they realize that the Spinoceratops are not acclimated to the region, and decide to enter the snow biome instead.

The Spino chases the girls and the hybrids

As they head back, the girls are chased by the Spinosaurus, and barely manage to flee inside to the tunnels. Kenji and Darius continue to talk, as Kenji continues to be evasive about his feelings for Brooklynn. They realize that the door to Mae’s quarters are open and that Kash has escaped. They decide to run back to the Med Bay, as they realize Ben and Mae may be in danger. Back at the Med Bay, Dr. Mae Turner helps Ben remove the chip using surgical equipment.

Darius overhears Daniel and Kash discussing their plans

Darius and Kenji return to the compound as they find Kash isn’t there, but Darius heads off to the Med Bay to warn Dr. Turner. Darius hides in time as he overhears Kash walking into the facility, followed by his boss. He overhears them planning to feed the Kentrosaurs to new assets as he runs to hide again. Just then, he is greeted by Kenji, who is unaware of what has just transpired.

The girls in the snow biome see that the Spinoceratops are acclimated to their new biome, as they leave. Sammy and Yaz fight for the controls as Sammy does not want to leave yet. This causes the snowmobile to veer into the ice and sink, as the girls just barely manage to escape. In the Jungle biome, the rest of the group meet outside the facility as Darius informs them of the plan to dispose of the Kentrosaurus.

The girls see another snowmobile up ahead, but struggle to move through the cold. Sammy erupts at Yaz, as she unleashes her feelings on her. The group realize that the Spinoceratops are warm because of endothermic bioengineering, and decide to stick close to them to survive the biome. They manage to reach the snowmobiles safely, as Yaz apologizes to Sammy, and she accepts her apology and they embrace. The girls leave the biome in the snowmobile, as a BRAD X approaches, with a message from Darius about the Kentrosaurus.

Kenji and Darius head to the new biome, with makeshift shields as they enter what appears to be a swamp area. Kenji begins to admit his feelings for Brooklynn, as Darius is initially stunned at first, but then embraces him happily. The Kentrosaurus is guided to the biome by an original BRAD, but Ben manages to destroy three of them as Mae comforts the Kentrosaur. They are soon surrounded by BRADs, as Ben runs for the platform, unsure why they are firing at them.

Kenji and Darius face off against a pack of Dilophosaurus

Kenji and Ben walk through the swamp biome, as they are spooked by a dinosaur. They are soon ambushed by a pack of Dilophosaurs, but manage to avert their spit with their makeshift shields. The pack pursues the pair of them, as the group manage to catch up with Mae and Ben.As the pack advances, they are scared off by the arrival of the girls with the Snowmobile, as they flee.

Keni faces his father

The group embrace, as Ben finally realizes Kenji and Brooklynn are together. They realize that the BRAD X was not sent by Darius, as they understand a trap has been set as BRAD X’s surround them on all sides. Kash emerges to gloat, as the president of Mantah Corp emerges from the shadows, only for Kenji to recognize him as his father as the two are shocked as the episode ends.

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