Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty Four: Staying Alive

Episode 7: Staying Alive


Kash Interrogates Darius

The episode opens with Pierce and Big Eatie continuing to fight, as the rest of the campers watch horrified. Darius is cornered by Kash who questions him, as Darius quickly formulates a plan. Darius tells a partial version of the truth involving his boat being destroyed and washing up on the Island, having come from Nublar. The campers realize that the drones are forcing the animals together, and split up to deal with them.

Kash initially does not buy Darius’s story, as Darius plays the part of a lucky survivor of the Jurassic World Incident. Darius states that his father died on Nublar, and that asks for a phone call for rescue, but Kash refuses. Kash states that Darius must stay on the Island until he comes to a decision over what to do with him.

Brooklynn and Kenji try to disable the drones from a nearby tree. Kash continues to interrogate Darius, as he claims to have been solely responsible for destroying the BRADS. As Kash continues the fight, Darius pretends to be interested, as he claims to want to seek revenge o nthe dinosaurs. Kenji and Brooklynn manage to disable a drone, as Ben and Yaz manage to disable another one. Kash prevents Big Eatie from killing Pierce after Darius points out that allowing the dinosaurs to kill each other would waste money. Big Eatie is tranquilzed by the BRADS soon after.

Kash enters the Med Bay with Darius

Kash introduces himself to Darius, as he subtly threatens Darius. The others witness Darius being taken, as Kash questions Darius about his experiences some more. The two of them head to the med-bay. The others run to Dr. Turner as they wish to know where Kash and Darius went.  As Darius expresses questions about the place, Kash expresses suspicions. Kash goes onto explain that the Island is meant to provide guided entertainment of Dinosaur battles for the super rich, with the different terrains meant to provide variety.

Dr. Turner explains about the Med bay to the children, and directs them to where the next feeding is scheduled. Meanwhile, Darius asks more questions about the facility, as Kash begins to get frustrated. As Kash is distracted by a phone call from his boss, Darius heads to where Big Eatie is being treated.  Darius pulls the Kentrosaurus spike from the Rex, and proceeds to try and comfort it. As Kash argues with his boss, he decides to activate an asset in the desert to see how long it will last.

Darius attempts to follow the BRAD to the elevator to escape, but fails. Kash throws a temper tantrum and confronts Darius. Darius attempts to manipulate Kash as he tries to convince him that his boss is wrong. As a BRAD drops a case of computer chips, Darius secretly takes one. Kash breaks into a villain monologue about controlling dinosaurs using Dr. Turner’s research. Kash promises that if Darius stays out of his way, he will survive.

The Spinosaurus kills the Smilodon

The other campers run to the desert biome, as they realize that that the heat has been raised.  Just then, the campers encounter a Spinosaurus which charges them, forcing them to attempt to hide in a cave system. Believing themselves to be safe, the group runs into the Smilodon, as it corners them. The Smilodon charges at the group, running them into a dead end. Just as the Smilodon is about to lunge at them, the Spinosaurus breaks through the wall and eats the Smilodon. The group runs to safety as the Spinosaur tries to attack them again. The group decides to jump down the feeding chute.

The others watch as Darius tricks Kash

Darius jumps out of the elevator as he realizes the group managed to make it to the Med Bay. He catches up with the group, informing them of Kash’s plan. Kash heads back down to meet Darius, as Darius manages to cover for himself by pretending he ran out of the elevator to get the chip he had stolen earlier. As the episode ends, Darius’s Brother makes a vow to find Darius as he leaves the bedroom.

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