Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty One: Rude Awakening

Camp Cretaceous: Rude Awakening


Yaz suffers from nightmares of Nublar

The episode opens up with the campers playing poker while Dr. Turner conducts research. Yaz volunteers to collect chestnuts from the forest, and discovers her sketchbook on the ground. Just then, she sees the Indominus Rex, Scorpios Rex, Ceratosaurus and Toro all converging on her. She screams as she wakes up from her nightmare.

Yaz assists Dr. Turner in investigating the mysterious drug sample in her lab. Dr. Turner tells the group that the drug was the cause of the Rexes sudden antagonism. Dr. Turner lets the group know of a supply plane that comes every two weeks, and the group decides to try to manufacture a situation to make the plane come sooner. Darius comes up with a plan to wait until the Rexes are asleep, and alter their feed supply and then mess with the power box for the biome.

Kenji coughs loudly, causing the Rexes to wake up from their sleep.  One of the Rexes is too weak to get up, and the other stalks off in the direction of the group just as they find the power box. Meanwhile, Yaz is frozen, unable to make herself run even in the face of approaching danger, until Kenji grabs her and runs.

The BRADS unlock the door

The group celebrates realizing the plane will be there in a few hours, just as they are scanned by an approaching B.R.A.D., even as Dr. Turner tries unsuccessfully to stop it. The B.R.A.D. starts to follow them, and is joined by two more robots. The group manage to escape into a tunnel, but Dr. Turner’s attempt to lock the door is over riden by the robots. The B.R.A.D’S corner the group, just as Brooklynn tells the group to go on ahead, tricking the robots into frying the locking mechanism as she dives through.

The Kentrosaur is carried by the snowmobiles

The group has now entered another Biome, this time being a snow biome. Dr. Turner finds snow mobiles for the group, as they head towards the plane. Just then,  Yaz has another dream of getting attacked by the Mosasaur. The snowmobiles come to a stop as they encounter a Kentrosaurus. Dr. Turner is confused as to what this animal is doing, and the other campers jump out of the snowmobiles just as the dinosaur collapses. Darius realizes the only way they can transport that dinosaur is with both vehicles.The campers rig the vehicles to be able to transport the Kentrosaurus, as they begin their journey. Just as Yaz informs them the supply plane has arrived, a BRAD appears, attacking the Vehicle.

Kash yells at a BRAD

The groups tries to run the BRAD over but the robot continues its attack, until Yaz manages to knock one into a frozen lake, as the group reaches the airlock. As the group runs outside, they realize that they have just barely missed the plane. The group is dismayed and defeated, as they head back to Dr. Turner. Meanwhile Sammy comforts Yaz, who admits that she is suffering PTSD from everything they’ve experienced. The group embraces and comforts her. The episode ends with Kash Langford questioning a BRAD about the status of the Kentrosaur, and appearing frustrated that he does not have a status update.

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