Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty Seven: Taking Control


The episode opens with Yaz and Sammy watching the Baby Brachiosaurus playing with the Spinoceratops. Ben encourages the group to go to the cave, considering it the only safe place. Elsewhere, Kash is frustrated that all the fuses are blown, continuing to blame Darius. Kash claims that they need to sweep the Biomes, but concedes to Darius that they need to check the underground area first before they search the Biomes.

In the snow biome, Kenji and Brooklynn bond with a baby spinoceratops, before they decide to head back into the underground tunnel. They opt to head back to Dr. Turner, as they try to calm her down. Elsewhere, Kash searches the underground, as he finds out that the elevators were used without permission. He orders every BRAD to search for the baby dinosaurs.

Elsewhere, Ben, Yaz, and Sammy have to evade BRADS in the jungle complex, as he realizes that they have found the baby Brachiosaurus. Ben chases the BRAD, managing to distract it, but only momentarily before it resumes it’s pursuit. The Baby Brachiosaur is swiftly captured by the BRADs and forced back to the main facility. As they arrive, KASH forces the BRADs to hold her down as Darius attempts to switch the chip in the injector, but Kash has a backup.

Kash gloats over controlling the Brachiosaur

Despite Darius’s protests, he injects the Brachiosaurus with the chip, as he operates his tablet. Using the tablet, he forces the Brachiosaurus to obey his commands, as Darius and Ben can only watch horrified. Darius claims to have a stomachache and runs off, as Kash continues his experiments with the baby Brach. Terrified, Ben runs back to the cave to rejoin the others.

The two Spinoceratops are reunited at the cave, as Ben informs them of what Kash has done. He determines that it is now time to take Kash down. Darius uses the BRAD to inform the others that the chip works, but Ben confirms they know and have a plan. Kash continues his experiments, threatening to kill the animal if it doesn’t follow commands. Back at the cave, Ben’s plan is to lure Kash to the Biome and knock him out and lock him inside Mae’s quarters.

Brooklynn and Kenji share a moment

Kenji tries and fails to comfort Spinoceratops with the tablet, but Brooklynn gets him to open up about what his feelings are. Back at the facility, Yaz gives Darius the signal, as he lures Kash into a trap by presenting him with the Spinoceratops. Kash quickly runs after it, as they head down a tunnel to the forest biome. As they prepare to start the plan, they are suddenly attacked by Pteranodons, who make off with the tablet.

Kash and Darius run from a Pteranodon

Kash and Darius enter the forest biome as they are attacked by a Pteranodon who forces them to hide. He heads back to the facility, as Darius reluctantly follows him. In the forest Biome, Kenji and Brooklynn chase after the Pteranodon. After a Pteranodon accidently knocks itself out, Kenji and Brooklynn finally acknowledge their feelings for one another.  Ben runs after the Pteranodons, trying to grab the tablet as it flies off , half-carrying him. Ben manages to wrest the tablet from its mouth, but falls roughly to the ground.

Bumpy stays at Camp Cretaceous waiting for Ben

A Pteranodon attacks Ben, but is cut off by drones as he runs back to safety. Kash and Darius walk back into the forest biome, as they hear the Spinoceratops calling from the waterfall. Ben uses the tablet to control the BRAD, as Darius stands behind him as the gas fails to dispense. Kash runs off to behind the waterfall into Mae’s quarters, as Ben uses the tablet to lure it. Getting into the bedroom, he realizes he’s been tricked, just as he sees Darius closing the door on him. The group return to the main facility, Ben apologizes to the Brachiosaur before they return to the cave and Dr. Turner. The group embrace, as Ben reminisces about Bumpy, and the closing shot reveals Bumpy still sleeps at the abandoned camp.

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