Camp Cretaceous Episode Thirty: Turning Dr. Turner

Camp Cretaceous: Turning Dr. Turner


The episode opens as the campers follow the tunnel into a mysterious hallway, as the Compy follows shortly after. The group realizes they are in complex facility, and Brooklynn manages to open up a door to a forest biome, the Compy following them. Just then, the group is interrupted by an approaching T-rex, who is quickly joined by another Tyrannosaur.

Introducing Dr. Turner

As the two animals fight, the group witnesses a woman working on a tablet near them. The group quickly realize that the rexes are not fighting, but playing. The campers follow the woman and tell her their story. She introduces herself as Dr. Mae Turner, studying dinosaur brains, and Dairus recognizes her, as he claims to be a fan of her work. The group decides to follow the woman, as she explains how the animals came to be on the island.

They enter another area, which is Dr. Mae’s private living quarters. The group decides to take a look around her quarters as she prepares lunch. The group eat lunch, and the group comes to the conclusion that Mantah corp must be behind this Island. Darius and Sammy are left alone in the room as the others head off, as Darius questions Mae about her research.

The BRAD scans for threats

Meanwhile, the others head back into the forest. As Kenji and Brooklynn go off to search together, Yaz covers for their flirtation by distracting Ben. As the group hear a noise, they realize the Compy has followed them all the way from the boat. A scan permeates the area as the campers dodge, and a Robot drone resembling a dog appears in the clearing.

Mae gets a notification on her tablet about the elimination protocol going to effect due to the compy. Just then, the Robot dog tases the Compy to death. As the robot dog continues its patrol, Mae distracts the robot from noticing the children. Regrouping with them later, she explains what the Robot Dog is, and demands an explanation from the children in her quarters.

As the children are ordered to remain in her quarters, Mae heads out to study the BRAD, as Sammy and Darius sneak up behind her. The two Rexes approach the feeding area as the three watch. Back in the quarters, Yaz again distracts Ben so that Brooklynn and Kenji can have some alone time. However, Kenji confronts her, and Yaz tries to push him to make a move. As the group watch, the door to the quarters open up, and a robot approaches.

Dr. Turner and the children watch the Rexes fight

The group hides as the robot surveys the surrounding quarters. Elsewhere, Dr. Turner watch the rexes feed, and she names them as Big Eatie and Little Eatie. Just then, the two rexes begin to display aggressive behavior as they begin to fight. Dr. Turner attempts to call a BRAD to tranquilize the animals, just as a BRAD back at the living quarters corners Yaz and Ben. Kenji knocks its head clear off its body. Back in the forest, the trio watch a BRAD spray tranquilizing gas, knocking the Rexes out.

Mantah Corp’s private Island.

Sammy investigates the food, and determines the Rexes have been drugged. In the meantime, Ben mistakes Yaz’s behavior for her having a crush on him, and lets her know he just wants to remain friends. Just then, Dr. Turner returns to her quarters to find the decapitated robot. As the episode ends, it cuts to Dr. Kash Langford who is only shown partially as he observes a map of the Island.

Dinosaurs/Prehistoric animals:



References/Continues to Lore:

  • First Appearance of the B.R.A.D. in its original model
  • The Tyrannosaurs are said to be obtained from Isla Sorna
  • The island is owned and operated by Mantah Corp.