Camp Cretaceous Episode Three: The Cattle Drive


The episode opens with the campers sitting around a campfire trading campfire stories. Darius starts to tell a story about a T.Rex stalking some people before being interrupted by the other campers. After it starts to rain, the group runs inside to seek shelter. Meanwhile, Sammy attempts to make a connection with Yasmina, but fails, as she walks away.

The Dinosaur Herd

In the morning, the campers are by their counselors to Gyrosphere Valley, to help round up the dinosaurs as park personnel lead the dinosaurs to fresh grazing grounds. Despite attempting to vie for a driver’s seat, Kenji ends up in the passenger’s seat with Ben driving. Yasmina is paired with Sammy, much to her consternation. The Counselors encourage Darius to not give up when he is despondent about his chances of bonding with the group, encouraging him to pair up with Brooklynn.

As the campers begin their drive, each pair is shown to be clearly mismatched. Yasmina continues to deflect Sammy’s attempt at reaching out, while Brooklynn is too engrossed in losing social media followers to concentrate on the dinosaurs, or Darius. Ben drives slowly, and is mocked by Kenji for it. As the campers continue on the valley, the storm descends upon the valley, agitating the dinosaurs. The counselors decide to cut the drive short due to the storm, attempting to deflect the campers back to the safety of camp. However, after the storm’s interference with the radio, Dave and Roxie drive on ahead to communicate with the other staff.

The Gyrosphere upsets the Herd

Darius witnesses a Sinoceratops get agitated from the storm and stomp off, and then convinces Brooklynn to go after it by playing on her using it as a means to get social media followers. The rest of the campers decide to follow them out of curiosity. As the campers attempt to corral the Sinoceratops, Kenji and Ben argue over the controls. The lack of coordination from the campers results in the Sinoceratops sending Darius and Brooklynn’s gyrosphere into the thick of the herd, disrupting the entire herd and causing a stampede.

The counselors realize that the herd is agitated too late, as they are barely able to recognize the situation, before their car is totaled by a Sinoceratops. The campers continue to get jostled by the stampeding herd, as they attempt to outrun it. After an argument, Ben allows Kenji to drive, and he immediately wrecks the gyrosphere.

Darius and Brooklynn are separated from the group, and they encounter the lone Sinoceratops. They exit the Gyrosphere briefly to attempt to approach it, but quickly run back in, just before they are attacked. Meanwhile, Yasmina and Sammy are also lost, and exit their sphere to try to find the others, after which Yasmina has the idea to use branches to create a ramp which they use to escape an enclosed area. They quickly reunite with Ben and Kenji after, and they are forced to have them all ride in one gyrosphere.

Sammy offering the branch

Brooklynn and Darius are trapped in a sinkhole, the group discovers them and attempts to pull it out, but encounter the Sinoceratops again. Sammy attempts to bribe the sinoceratops with a branch to distract it. The group then manages to attach a vine through a hole in the gyrosphere to the sinoceratops, using it’s weight to help pull the vehicle free.

Sammy stealing a sample from the Sinoceratops

The campers are immediately greeted by Dave and Roxie, who proceed to admonish them for their actions and the danger they were in. As the campers prepare to go to sleep, Yasmina apologizes to Sammy for her earlier behavior and reveals that her secret hobby is drawing sketches of dinosaurs. Meanwhile Brooklynn is editing her video from the day for the blog, and she discovers Sammy secretly taking a sample from the Sinoceratops.




Character Notes:

  • Brooklynn claims to have taken a selfie on Mt. Everest
  • Roxie is British