Camp Cretaceous Episode Twelve: Salvation


The episode opens up as the campers decide to go seek out the bonfire and run towards the spot where they believe they saw it. Excited at the possibility of rescue,the group becomes upset as Darius climbs a tree and cannot find the fire. Sammy and the group become upset that they missed their chance for rescue, before they hear a roar in the underbrush, which is revealed to be a Ceratosaur, which they run from.

Mitch, Tiff, and Hap

The Ceratosaur gives chase to the campers, and Kenji falls behind, as the campers go back for him, they make a stand, before it is interrupted by a flare gun. The flares scare the dinosaur away, as their saviors are revealed to be two men and a woman, Mitch and Tiff, claiming to be eco-tourists. The group question their apparent rescuers, as Brooklynn asks if they know about her channel, but is met with blank looks. Tiff claims to have received the distress signal after the boat dropped them off, and introduces them to the other man Hap, claiming he is their tour guide.

Mitch and Tiff’s camp

The trio lead them to their well-appointed camp, which has yurts with bedrooms, and a picnic table. Mitch and Tiff supply the group with a lavishly appointed breakfast, as they enjoy a proper meal. Mitch promises them rescue in two days after their boat arrives back from the mainland, and the campers celebrate. Mitch connects with Darius after showing him pictures of his previous excursions in Botswana. Brookylnn attempts to engage with Hap in conversation about her travels, but he keeps vague and keeps silent. After Brooklynn drops her documents, Hap picks it up, starting at it before he relinquishes his hold.

A Compy attacks Tiff

Sammy gushes over the lavish appointments, as Brooklynn informs the group of her suspicions about Hap. Although the campers promise to keep their eyes open, they quickly relax in their newfound safety, even as Brooklynn follows Hap as he gathers supplies. Kenji finds her, and questions her, as they make plans to sneak into a yurt that Hap has entered.  Meanwhile, Mitch, Tiff, and Darius observe some compys, and Tiff gets close to them causing them to attack her. However, Darius quickly distracts them by throwing a candy bar, informing the two that the Compys are venomous. He gives them his makeshift Field guide, which they find fascinating.

Darius agrees to take them to a place he knows, even as they are called back to the camp as Brooklynn and Kenji set off an alarm trying to sneak in the Yurt. Hap becomes angry, although Tiff attempts to calm him down as Mitch reassures them that Hap is very protective of his stuff. Darius admonishes Brooklynn not to touch the yurt, even as Brooklynn calls another group meeting regarding her suspicions. Darius disagrees with Brooklynn, upset with her, however she crosses a line when she claims he may be biased.

Darius leads Mitch and Tiff to a herd of Brachiosaurs

Darius and the group leave her to go with Mitch and Tiff, even as Brooklynn is alone with Kenji at the camp.  Darius leads the group into a herd of Brachiosaurus. Mitch and Tiff begin to take photos, even as Darius lures the animals closer with a call.  Darius informs them of the watering hole, how they could get great pictures due to the variety of the dinosaurs. Tiff radios Hap to inform them of the change of plans. Tiff states that they should head back to camp due to Hap’s reply to the phone call, as they determine that Kenji are gone.

Ben and Bumpy come to the rescue

Darius and the group leave her to go with Mitch and Tiff, even as Brooklynn is alone with Kenji at the camp. They try to sneak into the yurt again, but are confronted by Hap who was waiting for them. As punishment, Hap keeps a stricter watch over the two, although Brooklynn and Kenji appear to fall asleep. Hap leaves to answer the radio, as the two manage to sneak closer and overhear the conversation which appears threatening, and so they flee the camp. They are chased by Hap through the jungle, and he nearly captures Brooklynn and has the two cornered, just before he is knocked out by Ben, and a now grown up Bumpy.





  • The compys are said to have trace amounts of Venom in their bites

Character notes:
Mitch and Tiff claim to have been to Botswana