Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty Five: Whatever it Takes


The episode opens up as the helicopter orders the children to return to the Island, Kenji celebrates, although Darius remains doubtful. The other campers bring up their concerns regarding their potential ‘rescuers’, although the current storm and rough state of the ocean convinces them to take their chances with the chopper crew.

The Rex attacks the Helicopter

As the Helicopter lands, several armed mercenaries disembark, as the children climb onto the helicopter even as the sound of a large animal approaching is nearby. The Tyrannosaurus Rex suddenly runs out of the foliage, causing the pilot to ascend in panic, just as the Rex chomps down on the chopper, pulling it back down. Sammy and ben almost fall out of the chopper, but are saved by Kenji. The chopper pilot manages to wrest the chopper free, and the Rex eats the mercenary as the Chopper flies off.

Darius, Brooklynn and Yaz run for safety, as the other children on the chopper voice their concerns, as the pilot attempts to contact someone over the radio, informing them that they will meet up at the rendezvous point. The other campers flee through the jungle as the Rex stalks them, The Rex manages to find Yaz’s hiding spot, forcing her to run across a gulch over a fallen log. The Rex attempts to follow, and Yaz slips and falls down, about to be eaten, but the other children distract Rexy long enough for her to pursue them instead.

The children watch as the Mosasaur feeds

The Rex corners Darius and Sammy, but is ultimately distracted by the sound of a voice over the megaphone near Main Street. As they head to the scene, the children witness a man running from a Trex and seemingly narrowly escaping it’s jaws just before the Mosasaurs leaps out of the water and eats him. The children conclude that they are not here to rescue them, even as they race to the scene of where another chopper lands. More armed mercenaries disembark, as the children hide.

Dr. Henry Wu arrives back on the Island

The children witness Henry Wu stepping out of the helicopter, as he informs the mercenary that they need to retrieve the research laptop. The children are conflicted over whether or not to attempt to destroy the laptop, or take this chance at a rescue. They run to try and find the lab before Wu can get there. They reach the lab, realizing that the entrance has been blocked due to the storm, and are forced to hide before they can fully remove it. Wu arrives, ordering the mercenaries to clear the entrance.

Brooklynn realizes that they can get to the secret lab via the vent that connects to the Maintenance tunnels, and the group agrees to go. Wu informs the mercenaries that he wants a guard outside, and some mercenaries to join him inside as well. The children manage to reach the lab before the mercenaries, scouring the area for the laptop, knowing that they have limited time due to the approaching men. Brooklynn manages to find the laptop, and they escape just as the men survey the room.

Elsewhere in the other helicopter, Sammy, Ben and Kenji beg the pilot to take them back but she refuses. Just then, the Helicopter is attacked by a flock of Pteranodons, The pilot takes Ben’s advice to turn the lights off, and the attack stops, allowing the chopper to continue in peace. The pilot is distracted by talking to the campers, swerving to avoid a sudden Brachiosaur, and the chopper crashes.

The Helicopter dangles from the tree.

Kenji awakens as he discovers the chopper is suspended from a tree upside down with no sign of the pilot. Sammy and Ben struggle free, just as the chopper starts to fall. Ben sees a nearby tree limb and reaches for it, but it causes the chopper to slip further. More cautiously, he pulls it to them, as they tentatively try to utilize the vine to get to the floor. The chopper continues to fall, and explodes as it crashes, but the children manage to survive via the vine. They embrace each other in relief as they are safe on shore, determined to get back to the docks and wait for the others.

Brooklynn begs her friends to escape

The men almost investigate the vent the children are hiding in, but are distracted by a compy, and move on. Wu notes that the Scorpius has escaped, and wonders if they need to accelerate the timetable. Wu is agitated by not finding the laptop, ordering the others to help him look for it. Wu is convinced by the mercenaries to check the other labs. Yaz and Darius manage to get out of the vent, but Brooklynn is trapped inside by Mr. Hawkes, forcing Darius and Yaz to abandon Brooklynn before the other men arrive as they leave with the laptop as the episode ends.




References/Continuity to Lore:

  • The children witness the opening scene of Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom, setting the timeline of season three at six months after Jurassic World Incident.
  • The Scorpius has Scorpionfish DNA, the source of its poisonous quills.