Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty Four: Escape from Isla Nublar


The Two Scorpius attack

The episode opens up as the Two Scorpios Rex circle each other, roaring in agitation, even as Ben and Darius look on horrified. Instead of attacking the children, the two hybrids proceed to attack each other. As they fight, Ben and Darius take refuge in the nearby limousine, hoping to seek shelter. The fight knocks the car over until it is standing almost upright against a nearby tree, as Ben reflects that Kenji forgot his hat.

As they climb out of the battered Limo, Darius speculates that there are two Scorpios due to them possessing asexual reproduction due to the tree frog dna encoded inside them. Dariuis resolves to try and disable the dinosaurs, and tells Ben that they are going back to where it all began, as Ben reluctantly follows. They run through the jungle, pursued by a stampede of Brachiosaurs, as they try to outrun them but fail, Darius being narrowly saved from being trampled by Ben.

Elsewhere, the other campers have escaped in the Yacht, heading back to the dock as they hope the Scorpios has gone. As the other campers dock the yacht, they are momentarily startled by the presence of a Stegosaurus. The campers see the battered limo, with Sammy determining that they were able to get away due to the presence of footprints leading away from the wreck.

The Adult finds the Baby Brachiosaur

Sammy leads the group to follow the footprints, as they witness the aftermath of the Brachiosaur stampede. Hearing a cry of distress, they find a baby Brachiosaur that has been abandoned by the herd, and they rush to embrace it. Kenji is at first reluctant to help, but he is persuaded to join the group in helping the baby call for help. As they hear an answering cry, an adult enters the clearing, and walks the infant back to the herd.

Kenji finds his captain’s hat on the ground, and they realize they must be on the trail of Darius and Ben, and that they must be tracking the Scorpius. Darius and Ben reach the Visitor’s Center, and are about to grab the tranquilizer gun when they encounter the others. The other group is dismayed to find out about the two Scorpios. They group decides to hunt down the Scorpios, even as Darius realizes that its right above them, and runs for the safety of the Visitor’s Center.

Scorpius stares into the Kitchen

The group turns as they see a flock of Compys fleeing, and realize that they are now trapped with the other Scorpios Rex. Darius fires at the Scorpios, but misses, causing it to attack as he frantically reloads, but the gun is yanked away from him. The group runs into the old kitchen The Scorpios initially passes by the door, before bursting in, breaking through the room. Kenji turns on the Gas burners on the stove, causing the animal to roar in agitation, as they try to leave, only for Blue to lunge at them.

The last moments of the Scorpius

They run back, as Blue breaks down the door, and the Two Scorpios roar at Blue, and each other. Blue initially prevents Darius from grabbing the tranquiliver rifle, and so Darius makes a sign of surrender, even as the Scorpios advances on his friends. Blue leaps on one Scorpios as the other roars, with the children attempting to bring the Visitor’s center down, as a three way fight between the two Scorpios and Blue commences. The roof collapses, and the two Scorios are buried alive as the children and Blue manage to escape. Blue leaves as the children walk away in silence.

The helicopter circles the boat

The children make it back to the Yacht without further incident, as they ask Ben whether or not he wishes to stay behind. The group embraces him and wishes him goodbye, as they decide to set sail as a new storm is approaching. As the yacht departs, Ben heads out into the jungle, but not before running off into the jungle begging for them to stop, as he swims to the boat, and they depart the Island. The group starts to cheer, just two helicopters hover, ordering them to return to the dock.



  1. Scorpios Rex
  2. Stegosaurus
  3. Brachiosaurus
  4. Parasaurolophus
  5. Sinoceratops
  6. Compsognathus
  7. Velociraptor


  1. Yacht
  2. Visitor’s Center