Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty-Nine: At Least…

Camp Cretaceous: At Least…


The campers discover the Desert Biom

The episode opens up as the campers walk through the tunnel through to what appears like a desert. The campers express disbelief that they could have gone this far, as Ben sees something in the distance and they decide to check it out. Ben rallies the group to head out to the desert, as the Compy behind them.

Brooklynn and Kenji run from the sandstorm

The campers begin to express relief that they do not have to worry about dinosaurs, as they quickly begin to get tired of the blazing heat of the desert. Sammy alerts the group to a nearby Sandstorm, as the group runs for shelter. The sandstorm catches up to them, and the children become disoriented in the storm, and lose Kenji and Brooklynn, who have fallen down a ravine.

Now separated, the pair of them attempt to call for help, but are unable to be heard by their friends. Darius finds Brooklynn’s jacket, just as the sandstorm dissipates. Meanwhile, Brooklynn and Kenji call for help, as they bond and awkwardly flirt while they searc for a way out of their situation. The others resolve to continue looking for them, although Sammy suggests taking a break, but the others continue looking.

Ben begins to get discouraged, until the group catches up with Kenji and Brooklynn, and the group finds a watering hole and berry bushes. Ben dissuades the group rom eating the berries, afraid that they might be poisonous. He races to find the shiny metal thing he spotted from afar, and as they reach it, it appears to be a metal rectangle on the desert floor. Meanwhile, Brooklynn finds animal bones on the floor of the desert.

The campers sit around the campfire

Darius begins to get discouraged again, and the campers rest near a fire as night falls. Sammy starts yelling around the fire, and the rest of the group follow suit to vent their frustrations, although Ben does not join in. In the middle of the night, Ben wakes up, trying to restart the fire, as he becomes convinced there is something out there but the group does not believe him.

The Smilodon ambushes the children

Just then, a Sabertooth Tiger jumps out of the bushes and Ben distracts it with a torch, as he runs through a tunnel.managing to slip through a crack where it cant get him. Eventually, he finds himself cornered, as the predator advances on him. Just as it prepares to lunge at him, Kenji jumps on top of it, disorienting it enough to allow them both to escape. The rest of the group manage to leverage a boulder and toss rocks from the cliff face to scare the animal off.

Ben explains to the group he is upset that he reverted to a scared kid again, although the group gathers around him to reassure him. The next morning, the group is walking, as Kenji trips over something metallic on the ground. The group follows it until Kenji bumps his head against the wall, and they determine that there is a door just beyond.

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