Camp Cretaceous Episode Twenty Two: The Long Run


Sammy suffers from the effects of the Poison

The episode opens up as the campers rush to attend to Sammy, who is still severely poisoned by the Scorpios Rex. Brooklynn and Yaz remove the spines, and apply a makeshift bandage , but they cannot keep Sammy from losing consciousness. As the night wears on, the campers are at an impasse on what to do, as Sammy is still very feverish. Darius brings up the possibility of an antidote, and Brooklynn brings up the video from the lab, where there is a potential antidote, and Yaz volunteers to go get it.

The campers ponder the potential weaknesses of the hybrid, concluding that the animal is scared of fire, despite the others being very doubtful that it will work. Brooklynn attends to Sammy, Kenji gets water for Sammy, as the two of them keep watch over her, and share their mutual concerns over how frightened they are of the situation. Brooklynn has to reassure Kenji due to his fear of her potential state. Kenji and Brooklynn wonder how to help Sammy, and in her semi-conscious state, Sammy starts sleeptalking about the cow she owned back home. Kenji finds out that he can make her feel better by imitating the cow noises.

Darius and Ben run into the jungle to create a diversion, with Ben leading them to a place he knows from his travels with Bumpy. They spot some Pteranodons, proceeding cautiously to ensure they do not get attacked. Ben reaches a location by a river, where he produces a can of gasoline. They return to the Gondola lift,utilizing the gondolas to create a makeshift bomb as it heads up to Lookout point. The first attempt fizzles out.

Yaz runs through the jungle in the night, even as she encounters overflowing river, causing her to attempt to jump over it, even as she fails, and falls in, being swept away by the current. Yaz barely manages to get to shore again by grabbing a vine, as she flashes back to her and Sammy’s first real encounter. This motivates her as she reaches a signpost, heading out into the direction of where she believes the lab to be.

Yaz comes across the Raptor Paddock, and realizes she is close to where the laboratory is, reaching it shortly after. Hearing a distant roar, she sees the door is jammed, and attempts to wedge it open, just as Scorpios Rex approaches, and narrowly misses her. She has another flashback of her earlier conversation with Sammy, giving her the motivation and the inner strength to unjam the door.

The E750 Antidote

Yaz finds the lab, scouring it for any trace of the antidote, as she becomes frustrated, and starts throwing things in her anger. As she sits down to rest, she finds a case containing two vials of antidote for E750 poison. Yaz runs until she reaches the raptor paddock, hearing a noise of an approaching animal, as she sees the Scorpios Rex feeding on a kill, and it roars in agitation as it sees her.

E750 ambushes Yaz

Yaz drops the antidotes,  bending down low to get them, as she races off, with the Scorpios in hot pursuit. As she runs, she encounters the river again, this time leapiong across on the first try, but hurting her ankle in the process. She has another flashback to the first week. She hears a crashing noise, as she realizes the Scorpios leaps out of a tree,cornering her, but Yaz defiantly shouts at it.

Darius and Ben create a distraction

Just then, the explosion caused by Darius and Ben at Lookout Point causes the Scorpius to run away,  Meanwhile, Sammy’s condition declines, as Yaz struggles to go forward with a busted ankle, as she flashes back to the times she managed to make it even hurt, as well as how much Sammy means to her. She just barely manages to reach Sammy with the antidote, begging her to get better as the antidote is administered. The campers brace for the worst as Sammy is initially non responsive, but cheer in celebration as Sammy starts to respond.



  1. Pteranodon
  2. Compsognathus
  3. Scorpios Rex


Character Notes:

  • Brooklynn knows first aid