Camp Cretaceous Episode Two: Secrets


The raptors ambush Darius and Kon

The episode opens up where the previous one left off, with Darius and Ken trapped and cornered in the raptor pen by Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie. Just as it seems they are going to be eaten, Roxie turns on the pen lights, using meat as a distraction to rescue them. As the animal handlers deal with the raptors, Dave and Roxie become angry with them for their trespassing. While waiting in the dorms, Darius confronts Kenji over his motivation, but this argument is inconclusive.

Kenji confides that he was trying to make his father proud, just before Dave and Roxie begin to lecture them. Darius lies to cover for Kenji, which he is more than happy to go along with. However, Brooklynn’s account contradicts them, so they are warned that they have one more chance or they will be kicked out.

Dr. Wu

As punishment, Darius and Kenji are tasked with cleaning up dinosaur poop, while the others take a tour of the labs. The children are introduced to Dr. Henry Wu, and he is shown to be visibly annoyed by their presence, specifically Dave’s gregarious behavior. Dr. Wu’s vexation comes from his focus on meeting Masrani’s accelerated timetable, he initially prevents Brooklynn from recording in the lab. However, Brooklynn plays on Wu’s insecurity over being in the shadow of Masrani and Hammond to convince him to allow her.

Bumpy hatched, isn’t she adorable?!

Brooklynn conducts an interview of Wu as he introduces himself for her blog and shows her around the lab. As she does so, Wu is constantly interrupted by a seemingly very curious Sammy, who keeps asking him questions regarding the lab. Just then, Dave remarks that one of the eggs in the hatchery is about to hatch, despite it only having been incubated for ten weeks. The egg hatches, revealing a baby Ankylosaurus, and Ben observes one of his head bumps being larger then the other.

Although told that Wu’s office is private, Brooklynn attempts to sneak into it, but runs into Sammy. She manages to sneak in to attempt to record the contents of his lab. While doing so, she finds that he has kept his computer unlocked, and pores over his files. Upon clicking classified, it sets off an alarm, and the computer shuts down. However, she finds a flash drive and documents referring to the ‘Indominus Rex’, before she is forced to leave after Wu discovers her. As Ben continues to hold the baby, he gives it the name of ‘Bumpy’, just as Dr. Wu forces the group to leave the lab.

Meanwhile, Darius and Kenji continue to dig up the poop while arguing over their task. Kenji claims to be a frequent visitor to the park, attempting to bribe Darius. He leads him to the entrance to a tunnel that he claims is part of a network connecting the whole island. Kenji leads him to what he claims is a dinosaur quarantine area for the more aggressive animals. Kenji leads him to the Carnotaurus pen through the tunnel.

Kenji and Darius ambushed

As they walk through the jungle, Kenji and Darius have difficulty with traversing the jungle. Kenji reveals he was manipulating Darius, after he confronts him after being caught in a lie about his dad. As they find the fence, they are unsure what side of the fence they are on, just as the Carnotaurus approaches from behind them and gives chase. The pair run quickly through the forest, managing to evade the Carnotaurus by using the environment to their advantage. Finally, they manage to escape just barely by crawling through a feeding grate. The Carnotaurus smashes his face on the cage, leaving a scar, as Kenji taunts it, referring to it as ‘Toro’.

The group reunites, as they are taken back to Camp Cretaceous. The episode closes with a drone landing in a forest clearing, where it is greeted by a shadowy figure, who deposits a USB drive in it before it takes off again, leaving the island.




References/continuities to Lore

  • Tree frog dna is seen on monitors in the lab.
  • Siberian Mammoth remains are seen in the lab, similar to Martel
  • Bumpy has been incubating for ten weeks, most dinosaurs incubate for 13 weeks.
  • Wu has a privately locked office, the Spinosaurus skeleton appears on the computer monitor

Character notes:

  • Kenji believes that dinosaurs went extinct because farts turned air trashy
  • Kenji claims to have been to the park ’50 kazillion’ times.
  • Kenji claimed that the park board offered to name the Carnotaur after him.
  • Kenji’s father is barely around, doesn’t talk much.
  • Ben needs hand sanitzer, takes everywhere he goes
  • Brooklynn laments that she has been losing social media followers.