Carnegie Collection Dinosaurs (S/F)

The Carnegie Collection was released in 1988, featuring seventeen different dinosaurs at 1:40 scale.  Two of these figures can be seen in the trailer used by the dig team lead by Dr. Alan Grant.

The first was a Tyrannosaurus rex.  The model has gone through variations, and the one used is most likely the original sculpt.  An updated mold was made in 1994, making the head more accurate and fattening the forelimbs, and another variation appeared in 1996.  A completely new sculpt was issued in 1998, giving the dinosaur a more accurate horizontal positioning.  The last version of the original sculpt is said to still be in production.

The second of the Carnegie Collection used in the trailer was Diplodocus.  Also in the first line released in 1988, it has been retired and then re-issued in this original sculpt.  An updated sculpt with a completely new design was issued in 2008, which had the dinosaur in a level position rather than the erected neck as with the earlier version.


In 2001, Charlie can be seen playing with other dinosaurs from the Carnegie Collection.  Firstly, a Brachiosaurus which he attacks with a toothed Triceratops from Dur Mei.  Dr. Alan Grant can be seen holding two toy dinosaurs, a Velociraptor from Safari (which makes the Carnegie Collection) and what appears to be an older version of Allosaurus of unknown manufacture.