Carter (S/F)

Dieter Stark’s driver in one of the jeeps on Isla Sorna during the harvest expedition to capture select dinosaur species for transport to Jurassic Park: San Diego. During the trek across Sorna after the sabotage of the base camp, Carter stayed with the group while Dieter left to relieve himself. Not noticing his companion leaving, Carter listened to his headset to a song called “Tres Dias.” Soon after, Roland Tembo asked about Dieter, to which Carter responded it had been between ten and fifteen minutes since he last saw the man. The following night, it was Carter who saw the male Tyrannosaurus looking in a tent. Panicking, he began to shout and alerted the entire camp, as well as the two T. rex, and a chase ensued. During the chase that ensued, he was knocked down and crushed by the female Tyrannosaurus foot.

Carter was played by Thomas Rosales Jr.