Camp Cretaceous Episode Nineteen: Casa De Kenji


The episode opens up as the campers attempt to patch the hole in the yacht, but Yasmina points out that they are sinking despite their attempts. As the campers worry about not having a dock to be able to go ashore in, Kenji indicates that he knows of a private dock for his father’s penthouse. Just as they dock, the boat runs out of gas.

Darius welcomes the group to the Penthouse

Kenji leads the way for the camper, taking them to the Penthouse on segways. On their way, they encounter a Monolophosaurus. Darius disregards it as being a loner, so they pass by it, unaware that there is a second individual. The group reaches the penthouse without further incident, coming across a large building. Brooklynn uses the keycard to gain access to the building, and they take the stairs to the private penthouse.

Kenji leads the group into the interior of the Penthouse

Kenji welcomes them to the Penthouse, diverting questions from Sammy about why there are no pictures of him. Meanwhile, Yaz finds supplies, and they take time to rest, as Kenji finds bottled water. Ben attempts to bring the group on track to find supplies,  but is distracted by an offer of a water bottle.

Bumpy witnesses the Monolophosaurs entering the building

As Bumpy sleeps outside, Nine Monolophosaurs stalk the outside of the building. One of them manages to break into a grate, and they proceed to enter the building, Bumpy being too large to follow them. Meanwhile, Sammy finds a drawing that Kenji drew as a child, drawing his attention to it, but he quickly grabs it away. Ben calls the group to the window, as he observes Bumpy is extremely agitated, noting it’s a sign of danger

The group realizes the dinosaurs are inside the building.

Ben  and Yaz go down to the Garage, with Sammy following shortly after. Ben hears a noise, and as they cautiously look out at the hallway, they uncover the Monopholosaurs attempting to break through the door, and run back to the penthouse. The children escape through the ceiling, even as the Monopholosaurs roar in frustration.

Meanwhile, the others decide to stay with their original plan of going to the garage, even as they head through the vents. However, the carnivores follow them through the vents, forcing the campers to head down a vent to escape them, landing into another floor of the penthouse. They reach the garage, finding sealant, and having an idea to siphon gas from the cars.

Kenji relaxes, even as Darius and Brooklynn attempt to search for a GPS, As they find what they need, the Monopholosaur attempts to break into the penthouse, and they barely manage to close the door on it, barricading it to buy time. Darius and Brooklynn force open the elevator doors so that they can climb down the shaft.

As Kenji, Brooklynn, and Darius head down the elevator shaft, the Monolophosaurs attempt to attack them through the vents. One lunges for Darius, but falls down the shaft, landing near Brooklynn,  Darius lands next to her, even as Kenji is forced to drop his father’s art piece on the Monolophosaur to knock it down for a few seconds to allow them to escape the elevator. Sammy confides in Yaz that she is nervous about going home due to her uncertain family situation.

The Monolophosaurs charge the children

The group is suddenly alerted to the presence of two Monolophosaurs, as they hide in the limos to attempt to evade them. They realize that they may be trapped by the dinosaurs, as they determine to run to the last limo, and run in just enough time, even as one tries to break in. Yaz drives the limo out of the garage, even as the others are chased by the animals, and the other group just barely manages to jump in. Bumpy is present to knock the carnivores to the side, allowing them to escape.

Darius and Kenji have a conversation on the Yacht, as Darius reassures him that Kenji is a good friend to them. Sammy and Yaz have a short conversation, confirming that she feels better, even as the group continues to be unsure how to fix their current situation. As the episode ends, a drone flies at night over the Island, and picks up an unknown dinosaur briefly, before it is knocked to the ground, with the animal roaring.



  1. Ankylosaurus
  2. Monolophosaurus
  3. E750
  4. Sinoceratops (Mentioned)


References/Continuities to Lore:

  • Kenji’s dad has a private dock for his penthouse.
  • Kenji’s father has a gold plated bust of a Sinoceratops, a gift from Simon Masrani.