Cash (L/M)

Cash, or Dino Bucks, is a type of currency used in the L/M universe. Unlike Coins, which are the standard currency and used in most normal transactions, Cash is not as easily obtained and is only used in non-standard transactions. These typically include speeding up processes that normally take longer amounts of time, such as construction and laboratory functions. In recent times, it is also used within the Dinosaur Protection Group for the purchase of specialized DNA incubators.

Jurassic Park

At Jurassic Park, Cash was primarily given to the park manager as a reward for the successful completion of goals and the containment of carnivorous animals during Code Red situations. Cash could also be obtained at Aquatic Park and Glacier Park as an occasional bonus from expeditions in search of DNA. These presumably represented highly valuable items that InGen could sell in order to fund its parks.

Cash could also be obtained on Isla Sorna for the successful completion of combat trials or for victories in combat tournaments. Higher-ranking tournaments yielded higher Cash rewards.

As with other resources, Cash could be purchased on the market. It was the only resource which could be purchased using real-world money. It was also available in card packs.

Jurassic World

Cash is obtained in Jurassic World in much the same way as Jurassic Park before it. Cash is mainly a reward for achieving goals, though the availability of temporary missions in Jurassic World is much higher and therefore Cash is much easier to obtain. Cash is also commonly won in card packs and as rewards at the Prize Drop.

On occasion, Cash can be obtained at the Trade Harbor in exchange for other InGen resources. It cannot be obtained in custom trades, except for in exchange for animal assets.

Like other resources, Cash can be purchased in the market. It is the only resource which can be purchased using real-world money.

Cases in which Cash may be transported
Dinosaur Protection Group

Funding to DPG members is provided by the organization, including Cash. This is provided via the DPG’s global network of supply drops. Cash is an uncommon form of funding to receive by means of the supply drops, but is a common stimulus reward for the use of DNA incubators. Cash is also a reliable reward for the completion of alliance missions, which are reset on a weekly basis, or for personal missions, which are reset on a daily basis.

As with in InGen parks, Cash can be purchased on the market in exchange for real-world currency.