Coins (L/M)

Coins are the standard form of currency in the L/M universe. They are obtained as a form of profit and can be used in most types of normal transactions. In-universe references to real-world currency have been made; Coins are not directly referenced but appear to be representative of the currency used by the player. For example, American players can consider Coins to be representative of U.S. dollars. In this way, Coins can be used as a universal currency by all players.

Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

The primary source of Coins in de-extinction theme parks is the park attractions. Animals generate revenue while they are awake and entertaining guests. Higher-level animals, and rarer animals, generally accrue larger quantities of Coins. In Jurassic Park, the number of animals in each paddock remained constant; in Jurassic World, every paddock can hold up to twelve animals, drastically increasing the profitability of animal assets. Once an animal goes to sleep, it has generated its maximum amount of Coins and must be woken up in order to start profiting again.

Parks also gain revenue from most types of buildings. Unlike animals, Coin-generating buildings cannot be leveled up, but there is no limit to how many can be constructed aside from space on the island. A building will generate Coins over a period of time before reaching a maximum amount, much like how an animal will eventually go to sleep and stop generating profit.

Both animals and buildings can have their profit over time increased by placing decorations nearby, which enhances their appeal and causes them to generate more Coins within the same time frame.

Coins can be purchased in the market by exchanging Cash. At Jurassic World, deals may arise in the Trade Harbor for the park to obtain Coins by trading some of their other resources. They are also common rewards at the Prize Drop and in card packs awarded to the park manager.

In the now-defunct Aquatic Park and Glacier Park, Coins were commonly obtained from returning DNA expeditions. These presumably represent valuable items that InGen could have sold for money to fund its parks.

Cases in which Coins may be transported
Dinosaur Protection Group

At the Dinosaur Protection Group, funding is provided by the organization to its members. Coins are not obtained from animals, since the DPG does not manage for-profit parks. Instead, Coins can be obtained through the DPG’s global network of supply drops accessible to all members, and are provided along with other supplies when DNA incubators are opened.

Intraorganizational alliances within the DPG can earn Coin rewards for all their members by achieving particular activity goals on a weekly basis, while individual members can also earn Coin rewards for themselves by achieving other activity goals on a daily basis.

As always, Coins can be purchased on the market in exchange for Cash.